November 30, 2012

Festive fashion

Is it just me, or does every party at the moment (festive or not) require the quests to wear a Christmas jumper? I feel like this is the AW12 party trend and I kinda like it. So because of this I've been on the hunt for knitwear that Santa would approve of, and I've realised that I can either go down the ugly & cheesy route (read: hideous woollen numbers with tacky designs) or the fair-isle patterned / hipster graphic route (i.e. something that could be worn on a regular basis). Naturally, I'm swaying towards the latter as I'd rather fork out the dollars (slash euros) for something that will be worn more than once or twice. And I kind of like the idea of pairing a skirt with a festive jumper & a cheeky collared shirt underneath as part of my winter look.

After a lot of hunting (there are a lot of ugly AND expensive jumpers out there), here is the best of the bunch in my opinion. I've heard that Primark and H&M have some good offerings too, but their websites don't offer much for the online shopper. Half of me is tempted to buy a male jumper, as it'd be baggier and comfier, plus the guys seem to have a better range than the girls for some reason.

image source: navy christmas snowflake print jumper - www.riverisland.com
image source: river island ecru christmas skier pattern jumper - www.asos.com

image source: asos christmas jumper in woodlands fair isle - www.asos.com
image source: asos christmas jumper - www.asos.com

image source: grey vertical snowflake jumper - www.topman.com
image source: christmas jumper - www.asos.com

image source: oat reindeer crossing jumper - www.topman.com

I hope this helps some of you who are also on the hunt for a Christmas jumper this festive season, I'm guessing that the closer it gets to Christmas, the harder these will be to find, so get in quick!

I can't believe it's December tomorrow...where did this year go?

November 22, 2012

Howlin' into winter

I have a new-found appreciation for woollen goods and knitwear. I used to despise woollen clothes back in the day, most likely because we had to wear them as part of our school uniform - scratchy wool and classrooms that smelt like wet dog on a rainy day are not my idea of a fun time. After living in colder European cities and rediscovering snuggly wool (hello merino), I have a new love for knitwear. Now it reminds me of fun winter days with mulled wine, crisp fresh air and warming meals.

My friend recently introduced me to Howlin' and I have been mildly obsessed with (slash can't-stop-thinking-about) the brand ever since. They have such a great range of knitwear, from cuddly jumpers to cosy socks, warm beanies to snuggly scarves and more. Their range embodies everything that I associate with the cooler seasons - melange knit, festive fair isle patterns, lambswool, cable knit, ribbed material and seasonal tones. Makes me feel cosy just thinking about it.

will-o-the wisp claret cardigan
rufus oatmeal jumper
audrey bic blue cardigan
kolari red cable jumper

quantic scarf
bergen blue note scarf
fat albert beanie

bergen gloves volcano
scruff socks yellow / grey
spooky socks heath
spooky socks autumn 
image source for all - www.morrison.beThese items do seem pretty pricey but when you think about the fabrics and quality, it's definitely better to invest in good winter gear if you want to stay warm, rather than buy cheap stuff which won't do the job. Quality over quantity as they say!Happy Thanksgiving all.

November 2, 2012

I dream of beanie.

I love this snuggalicious-looking beanie from the latest Aubin & Wills collection. I've been on the hunt for bobble friend for the winter and this one totally takes the cake. Beautiful Christmassy tones, luxurious merino wool and a chunky cable knit. 





image source: the gileston hat - www.aubinandwills.com

 I can totally picture wearing this on a crisp winter's evening at Christmas markets while drinking mulled wine & chilling with my friends. Bliss.

Almost makes me excited for the cooler weather!