October 17, 2012

The BOY done good

You can't help to be influenced by the culture that surrounds you. People say that their opinions, goals and values change depending on where they are and who they're with, and I've definitely noticed that these factors heavily impact on my style too. This is one of the reasons why I fell in love with BOY London, as the brand was so prominent within the east London culture and psyche, plus it was everywhere (who says advertising doesn't work?). 

I love the simple design of the clothes, the bold branding (which to be honest, I normally hate & find surf brands are the worst at doing this) and I totally appreciate the androgynous style. I used to steal my friend's BOY cap and we bought my flatmate a BOY vest for his birthday (which naturally I dreamed about stealing), but because I was saving for the Dam (read: spending my money farewelling London) I never purchased an item for myself. However, times have changed! A belated birthday present from my littlest brother arrived today, in the form of a BOY eagle vest. Best. Belated gift. Ever.

I don't care that we're going into winter and I don't care that I no longer live in east London. I'm bringing BOY to Amsterdam and I plan to rock this beauty around the canals on a regular basis.

Thanks Jimmy for a great gift, you're my...insert boy-related pun here.

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