October 3, 2012

Functional and fashionable?

Cycling in heels is tricky. Not impossible, but not easy. You're pedalling along, minding your own business when suddenly your heel slips, causing you to lose your footing and all of a sudden you're looking less chic & European than two minutes ago (this has made me respect French women even more). This has also made me realise that after moving countries and throwing out half of my wardrobe, I now own no flat shoes. Surprise surprise. A sensible wardrobe and I generally don't go hand-in-hand. I'm the kind of person who tries to get away with wearing skirts and heels whilst travelling, rather than wearing jeans & comfortable shoes like everyone else. C'est la vie.

So in attempt to make my wardrobe more practical, I discovered these. Flat, beautiful and wearable, plus somewhat Charlie Chaplin-esque? They're almost like the updated & modernised brogue, plus they look somewhat water-resistent. Perfect for cycling you might say.

image source: weekday pc chap shoe - www.weekday.com

These are definitely at the top of my list of things to buy once I have an income again. That, and a decent rain jacket. Cycling in the rain with a pretty (read: impractical) jacket is no fun as I found out today. 

But for now, I'll have to continue with the heels. Practice makes perfect right?

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