September 21, 2012

Boutique beauty.

It's not secret that I'm a fan of a loose-fitting shirt. In fact, shirts have featured in many of my posts this year alone (see here, here, here and ohhhh wait, here). What I'm noticing more and more is my love for shirts with contrasting collar and cuff detailing. This style seems somewhat fresher and more modern.

I've had my eye on this particular shirt since Thanksgiving last year, when my sister & I stumbled across Oak + Fort in Canada. I literally fell in love with everything in this boutique and haven't stopped thinking about the store ever since. Unfortunately they didn't have this shirt in my size at the time, but now they've updated their stock and I'm very tempted to purchase this and get it sent to my lovely father's house in The Emerald City (unfortunately they only ship to North America at the moment). I feel that even though I'm unemployed, this beauty would totally help me with interviews & nailing that perfect job. Justification much?

I love the leathery bits and the olive colour - so aligned with the current army trend. It also comes in black and ivory, but I feel that a military vibe would totally work in Holland.

image source: becka blouse - www.oakandfort.comAhhh the joys of unemployment, so much time to shop online, it's dangerous

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