August 30, 2012

Backpacks for big kids

Now that I've moved to Holland I've realised that though my wardrobe may be London-friendly, it's not exactly Amsterdam-friendly. It's tricky to bike in mini skirts & short dresses (of which I seem to own a lot of) and I have yet to master cycling with a handbag swinging from the handles.

This is why I've found myself taking a break from job hunting and checking out the Herschel Supply site. I've admired these bags for a while now, but never felt that I had a good reason to buy one of their backpacks in London. However, now that I'm here, I feel that I could totally work the Herschel backpack into my going-dutch look.

There are soooo many different kinds to choose from, so the first step would be determining size, then colour & style. After checking out the website, I kind of want them all. Surprise surprise.

herschel classic in beeswax

herschel heritage in black

herschel pop quiz in desert storm

herschel little america in washed black

herschel settlement in navy/red

herschel heritage in burnt orange

herschel standard in army

image source for all: www.herschelsupply.com

Next stop, buying a pretty bike & replacing my lost Harry Potter glasses. I'll be dutch before I know it!

August 16, 2012

Words from the wise

Sometimes we all need a little madness.

image source: wood wood 123 joker mens tee - www.woodwood.dk