June 28, 2012

Dutch folk

I saw these booties, and thought to myself 'these are well Amsterdam'. They would be perfect on the bikes, strolling by the canals, or pottering along Herenstraat. The fact that they're on sale at Folk clothing ( which is based near work) is even more appealing...
image source: stephanie - ambra ankle boots - www.folkclothing.com

The fact that I'm saving for impending unemployment is really hindering my plans to own these shoes, which is a pity as they're so beaaauuuutttiiiiiiiiifullllllllll.

Thems the breaks.

Why am I obsessed so much with footwear at the moment? Definitely going through a phase...

June 15, 2012

Lozsky & Hutch

Wouldn't we be a perfect fit? 

Laughing and joking hand in hand while strolling down the street...

Enjoying at delicious cocktail at an east London bar side by side...

Flying to a beautiful European destination while sharing the same seat...

image source: deadly ponies mr hutch bowler - www.deadlyponies.com

Is it wrong that I want such a pricey bag before I'm about to be unemployed & fancy free? Maybs. But then maybe it's meant to be.

Time will tell!

June 12, 2012

The Handsom life

Sometimes I just want to up and move to Australia. They have stunning weather, a good mix of urban / beachy areas, great pay, prawns as big as your face, juicy juicy mangoes and beautiful fashion. Since I'm not planning to make the big move just yet, I'll do with enjoying their fashion from afar. 

Check out this selection from the Melbourne-based brand Handsom. I love the quirkiness of the clothes, plus the androgynous nature of these pieces. The brand definitely uses some of my favourite design features in clothing right now - orange tones, collars, well-crafted tailoring and pretty patterns. I especially love the terracotta rain coat, it'd go down a treat in London at the moment!

cotton sweat top dipped body
terracotta rain jacket

floral shirtlion print shirt
leo long shirt
geo print shirt

buckler boot

all images sourced from www.thegrandsocial.com.au/handsom

You'd totally look Handsom while wearing these clothes. I wonder what Australian designers obsession with the word 'handsome' is? Whatever the reason, it's working for me.