February 2, 2012


Even though this month is the coldest one by FAR, the stores are stocked to the brim with springtastic spring essentials. And you know what? I can't help but looking at what's out there. But I am just looking as my poor wee bank account has taken a hit recently due to summer planning & moving flats. Ouchie. Although looking at clothes makes me totes excited about summer. Yay for heat, yay for pretty dresses and yay for summer sun times. Bring. It. On.

This is my fave beauty of the lot so far - hearts to the colour, adore the back and can totally see it at all the festivals & on the beachy trips that I'm mentally planning. Plus she's super cheap! Hello, be mine.

image source: draped dress - www.zara.com

Now the question is, bra or no bra? You could either do a Carrie and wear a sexy lacy number underneath, that you are dying to show off, or you could wear chicken fillets or go commando. Each to their own I guess...

I'm just deciding which option I'd choose!

x L

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