February 27, 2012

Hear hear!

There was a time when headphones were just headphones. You used them to listen to music, they were pretty bland, and there wasn't much variety in the market. Nowadays there is a world of options available, but none grab my attention more than the beautiful Urbanears. 

I have looovvveeeed these headphones since the moment that I spotted them in Urban Outfitters and the main reason I haven't purchased any yet is because I can't decide which style or colour to buy! They come in four different sizes, from your classic small headphones (the Bagis style) to the big, serious, we-mean-business headphones (Plattan style). They also come in a wealth of colours, which they update every season, like any good fashion company. My fave colours for SS12 are sage (hello soft soft green), indigo, grape and mustard (totes on trend). See, I can't even pick one or two colours, I am torn between 4 of the 11 colours available!

In addition to that, their website and stores are pretty impressive. It's so much fun to play on the site, dragging the colours across the different styles, and the store I visited in Boxpark was a beauty in itself. Word on the street is that the actual product is pretty damn impressive too. Beauty, function and value - how can you not love these Swedish craft masters?

image source for all images: www.urbanears.com

I think I'll have to pop into the store and grab a pair this week, I'm sick of getting headphone-envy when I see people wearing them around London. And yes, headphone-envy is sooooo a thing.

I think the Bagis style are the best for me, maybe in sage faces...or mustard...or cream...or...

Decisions, decisions.

x L

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