February 9, 2012

Hashtag totes amaze!!!

Isn't she pretty?

Yes, I am talking about my blog. I've given her a complete overhaul and have moved her into 2012 (goodbye 2009)! Minimalist, clean and beautiful...I adore. I especially love the underline effect that happens when you hover over the links, go on...try it for yourself! Big thanks to the boys for helping to prettify my blog, hearts to you. 

So new blog AND new clothing crushes, such as this orangey number from Maje. I have an uncanny ability to stumble across delicious items online, which I never knew I wanted. My wish list grows daily as a result!

Peter pan collar +French styling + a hot hot colour = amaze.

And on sale too? 


image source: maje orange wool collar top - www.stylebop.com

This top is the perfect antidote to the icy cold snap and is the best way to get excited for spring! 

Now I can cross the blog redesign / spring clean off my to-do list. Tick, one NYs resolution done!

Hollar to you all.


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