February 27, 2012

Hear hear!

There was a time when headphones were just headphones. You used them to listen to music, they were pretty bland, and there wasn't much variety in the market. Nowadays there is a world of options available, but none grab my attention more than the beautiful Urbanears. 

I have looovvveeeed these headphones since the moment that I spotted them in Urban Outfitters and the main reason I haven't purchased any yet is because I can't decide which style or colour to buy! They come in four different sizes, from your classic small headphones (the Bagis style) to the big, serious, we-mean-business headphones (Plattan style). They also come in a wealth of colours, which they update every season, like any good fashion company. My fave colours for SS12 are sage (hello soft soft green), indigo, grape and mustard (totes on trend). See, I can't even pick one or two colours, I am torn between 4 of the 11 colours available!

In addition to that, their website and stores are pretty impressive. It's so much fun to play on the site, dragging the colours across the different styles, and the store I visited in Boxpark was a beauty in itself. Word on the street is that the actual product is pretty damn impressive too. Beauty, function and value - how can you not love these Swedish craft masters?

image source for all images: www.urbanears.com

I think I'll have to pop into the store and grab a pair this week, I'm sick of getting headphone-envy when I see people wearing them around London. And yes, headphone-envy is sooooo a thing.

I think the Bagis style are the best for me, maybe in sage faces...or mustard...or cream...or...

Decisions, decisions.

x L

February 16, 2012

For your viewing pleasure

It's totally getting warmer. Totally. It's pretty much spring, which means that it's pretty much summer, which means that this grey-faced city will soon have some sunny sunny days, which means that I need to get some sweet son sunnies. That's logical right?

I have always crushed over KW sunnies (see here & here) and this year it's no different. These Helter Skelter tortoiseshell characters are my favourite pick of her range at the moment, mainly because I love the quirky vintage style and pattern. These would work with any outfit and I'd totally rock them. Totes.

image source: karen walker helter skelter sunglasses - www.shop-summerland.com

Can summer come already please?

x L

February 9, 2012

Hashtag totes amaze!!!

Isn't she pretty?

Yes, I am talking about my blog. I've given her a complete overhaul and have moved her into 2012 (goodbye 2009)! Minimalist, clean and beautiful...I adore. I especially love the underline effect that happens when you hover over the links, go on...try it for yourself! Big thanks to the boys for helping to prettify my blog, hearts to you. 

So new blog AND new clothing crushes, such as this orangey number from Maje. I have an uncanny ability to stumble across delicious items online, which I never knew I wanted. My wish list grows daily as a result!

Peter pan collar +French styling + a hot hot colour = amaze.

And on sale too? 


image source: maje orange wool collar top - www.stylebop.com

This top is the perfect antidote to the icy cold snap and is the best way to get excited for spring! 

Now I can cross the blog redesign / spring clean off my to-do list. Tick, one NYs resolution done!

Hollar to you all.


February 2, 2012


Even though this month is the coldest one by FAR, the stores are stocked to the brim with springtastic spring essentials. And you know what? I can't help but looking at what's out there. But I am just looking as my poor wee bank account has taken a hit recently due to summer planning & moving flats. Ouchie. Although looking at clothes makes me totes excited about summer. Yay for heat, yay for pretty dresses and yay for summer sun times. Bring. It. On.

This is my fave beauty of the lot so far - hearts to the colour, adore the back and can totally see it at all the festivals & on the beachy trips that I'm mentally planning. Plus she's super cheap! Hello, be mine.

image source: draped dress - www.zara.com

Now the question is, bra or no bra? You could either do a Carrie and wear a sexy lacy number underneath, that you are dying to show off, or you could wear chicken fillets or go commando. Each to their own I guess...

I'm just deciding which option I'd choose!

x L