January 23, 2012

Good things come to those who wait.

A good wallet is hard to find - it needs to be useful, pretty, functional and something that you're not going to mind using on a daily basis. I used to have a great wee wallet from Country Road - it was a reliable brown leather beauty which had a viewing card holder for my ID, many many pockets for cards, as well as a great coin & notes area. Needless to say, when it started to wear down, I was more than gutted.

I have been searching for a new wallet since I arrived in the UK, which is about 1.5 years (wow, 1.5 years?! Time has flown), and have really struggled to find a suitable alternative. So you can imagine my surprise & excitement when I happened upon this gorgeous replacement in L'Autre Chose in Rome over NYs. It has everything that I'm after - soft as soft leather, good size, a coin pocket, multiple areas for cards, sneaky little hidey pockets (I don't know why this appeals to me, but I really love them), all in a beautiful designed dove grey clutch-esque wallet. The fashion gods were really good to me that day.

I'd never heard of L'Autre Chose before, but they had some really pretty things in-store. Great leather goods (naturally, being in Italy) and high-end ready to wear clothes. I could have gone on a crazed shopping spree, but luckily I only had a short amount of time in there while my friends were grabbing a quick slice of pizza next door for lunch. There is always the online store though...which I've just seen has a sale...dangerous!

Some might say it was meant to be. Love her. Grazie mille Roma!

xxx L

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