November 13, 2011

A koopling of black and leather

I love The Kooples. From their beautiful advertising campaigns (with real couples), their French origins and obviously, their clothes. If my whole wardrobe could be from The Kooples, then I'd be a happy lass. Scratch that, I'd be a VERY happy lass.
Today my friends, we are admiring some of the black leather options available at The Kooples at the moment. I think my love for leather is influenced by the current fetish trend, leather is seriously everywhere these days!

Since I have an obsession with coats at the moment, I thought we'd begin with this darling. This is such a great chic winter coat, I love the stand-up collar detailing and obviously, the leather panels. I've actually also realised that this coat is dark navy, so not really in the post theme of leather and black, but shhh don't tell anyone!

coat with leather stand-up collar

I also have a love for loose shirts right now, so this shirty shirtface is right up my alley. The lightweight chiffon combined with the leather collar and cuffs...divine! This shirt would look great tucked into a high-waisted burgundy skirt, paired with chunky ankle boots. Winter chic.

lightweight shirt with leather collar

From coats & shirts to trenches, The Kooples can make leather look stunning on any item. I love the fur detailing on this trench, it would be so snuggy to wear in winter. The fact that this collar is removable means that you could wear this trench for both casual AND dressy occassions. Although in the winter, I think you'd want as much snugglyness as possible!

trench-coat with fur collar
all images sourced from www.thekooples.co.uk

Ahhh if only I could afford all of these leather luxuries, then I'd really be in wardrobe heaven. One day my pets, one day...

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

x L

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