November 29, 2011

It's time to say thanks

What a great Thanksgiving holiday I had in Seattle last week. I had the best time with my family, enjoyed delicious food & beautiful bubbles, and I came home with the best treat of all...a new Michael Kors watch!

image source: michael kors oversized runway watch - www.michaelkors.com

Isn't she beautiful? I love the fact that she's different to the norm - the rose gold and gunmetal pairing is just to die. I can't stop looking at her and making excuses to check the time!

Life is good when you have so many things to be thankful for.

x L 

November 18, 2011

Frolicing towards festivities

Wow it's really getting festive out there isn't it? The Christmas lights are up on Oxford Street, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland opens today and every shopping mall, supermarket, store window and the like is covered in Christmas lights & decorations. I love it!

I'm feeling even more festive as I'm about to have a reunion with my siblings at my Dad's house in Seattle for Thanksgiving! So I've found a great festive outfit for those many social functions and parties that will happen over the next month. It's more pared down that I what I would have chosen a year or so ago, so maybe that's the influence of London creeping in.

Let the festivities begin!

I love the combination of sequins, bold colours, fierce heels and overall beautifulness! I adore the autumnal colouring of this dress, as well as the layering, so classic French chic. This outfit makes me fall in love with Maje all over again, plus makes me want to invest in some structurally-stunning heels from Camilla Skovgaard. Beautiful.

image source: maje jaglion orange dress - www.maje.com

image source: aubin & wills silverthorpe jacket - www.aubinandwills.com

image source: whistles paulette bag - www.whistles.co.uk

image source: camilla skovgaard check peeptoe platforms - www.my-wardrobe.com

Have a great weekend everyone and see you soon siblings! Yippeee!

x L

November 13, 2011

A koopling of black and leather

I love The Kooples. From their beautiful advertising campaigns (with real couples), their French origins and obviously, their clothes. If my whole wardrobe could be from The Kooples, then I'd be a happy lass. Scratch that, I'd be a VERY happy lass.
Today my friends, we are admiring some of the black leather options available at The Kooples at the moment. I think my love for leather is influenced by the current fetish trend, leather is seriously everywhere these days!

Since I have an obsession with coats at the moment, I thought we'd begin with this darling. This is such a great chic winter coat, I love the stand-up collar detailing and obviously, the leather panels. I've actually also realised that this coat is dark navy, so not really in the post theme of leather and black, but shhh don't tell anyone!

coat with leather stand-up collar

I also have a love for loose shirts right now, so this shirty shirtface is right up my alley. The lightweight chiffon combined with the leather collar and cuffs...divine! This shirt would look great tucked into a high-waisted burgundy skirt, paired with chunky ankle boots. Winter chic.

lightweight shirt with leather collar

From coats & shirts to trenches, The Kooples can make leather look stunning on any item. I love the fur detailing on this trench, it would be so snuggy to wear in winter. The fact that this collar is removable means that you could wear this trench for both casual AND dressy occassions. Although in the winter, I think you'd want as much snugglyness as possible!

trench-coat with fur collar
all images sourced from www.thekooples.co.uk

Ahhh if only I could afford all of these leather luxuries, then I'd really be in wardrobe heaven. One day my pets, one day...

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

x L

November 2, 2011

The good kind of collaring

There's no better way to enter a season than the prospect of new seasonal clothing, especially accessories. Most items of clothing you can generally use for all seasons (with or without the use of layering), but it's the accessories that really vary throughout the year.

My favourite accessories would have to be the ones for the cooler months, as you can wear more of them and they're generally snuggly little treats which help get you from a - b. The accessories that I'm MOST excited about for AW11 are collars. Not those stiff dull collars that you see the suits wearing in the financial district, but those beautifully textured collars - whether they be lace, leather, fur etc. There are so many choices out there for collars right now and I want a whole wardrobe of them! Cheap, hot and the best way to spruce up a standard outfit. Perfecto!

This faux fur beastie not only pleases the animal lovers out there, but also looks like a cosy little number for those wintry nights. I like the idea of wearing it over a minimalist dress to spruce up your outfit for the upcoming festive season. Foxy non?

image source: asos faux fur pointed collar - www.asos.com

One of my besties used to have a much loved sheepie that she'd carry with her everywhere when we were younger, and would play with it between her fingers at any excuse. This collar evokes the same feeling of her sheepie with me - comforting, cosy and darling. Looks like Cj was onto it with ol' sheepie sheepster.

image source: asos faux sheepskin collar - www.asos.com

From home comforts to the more elegant, Mui Mui have a collar for those of you who like the finer things in life. This brilliant white furry number is one you'd save for more special occasions, like a romantic dinner date with your lover. I'd avoid the red vino while wearing this wee princess though.

image source: miu miu feather collar - www.net-a-porter.com

Velvet is very eastern London to me, so I can imagine seeing this Topshop collar on the cool kids around town. This would look amaze with a patterned shirt, high waisted skirt and brogues. London luxe indeed.

image source: topshop velvet pussybow collar - www.topshop.com

Peter Pan collars are too chic, so it's no surprise that ASOS has created an isolated collar in this style. The fact that it's in leather is just the icing on the cake. Plus what a great way to nail the fetish trend at the moment...pun very much intended.

image source: asos leather peter pan collar - www.asos.com

Now as always, the question is which one to opt for! I'm leaning towards the foxy ASOS option, nothing makes a cold day better than a snuggalicious accessory. And yes, I did just type snuggalicious. 

Long live accessories which make the cold months bearable!

Bisous, L x