October 18, 2011

BBF (Best Brogues Forever)

The saying goes that you should walk a mile in someone's shoes before you criticise them, and baby, if you walked a mile in mine, you would have nothing but praise. That's because I bought the comfiest and loveliest shoes in Oxford over the weekend.

My old brogues were thrown in the bin in Paris by my Dad, as they were beyond repair & he knew I wouldn't get rid of them myself. I was quite saddened at the time, but little did I know that my new favourite brogues would be just around the corner.

Good things come to those who wait eh.

I stumbled across these while 'window' shopping in the local English stores with my Bella, and these shoes caught my eyes straight away. I literally couldn't stop thinking about them all weekend. Made from calf leather, these darlings have a GREAT sole (unlike so many shoes in the shops at the moment), they're the colour of the season (a lovely shade of burgundy wine), and they're made in Italy. Tick, tick tick.

Image Source: Calf Derby - www.toast.co.uk

The store I bought these from is quintessential English too - lots of plaid, woolen knits and earthy tones. Great home ware too! I found out they have a few stores in London as well, but I think I'll save my shopping sprees there to when I'm visiting beautiful Oxford.

Can't wait to work the socks & rolled up pants look with them too...just need to buy some preppy sock numbers from Toast! I'm definitely dressing more English these days, I guess it was only a matter of time!

Happy almost-hump day!

xxx L

P.S. - Thanks Bels for helping me to pick these beauties, I wore them today and the comfort level was phenomenal! Hearts to you.

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