September 21, 2011

To buy, or not to buy...

The seasons are definitely changing - the fashion week cycle is well on its way, the stores are promoting new season coats & boots, and the nights are getting darker earlier. Damn.

On the plus side, it's a good excuse to look for new clothes for the colder months. I am in desperate need of new shoes (boots, brogues & heels) so have been scouting what's available online. To be honest, I'm not really that enthused by what is in the high street stores. All of the shoes seem a bit dull & boring, and none are really appealing to me (this is also the same with coats...it's not ideal). So I decided to take a cheeky look at the designer options, just to see what they had you know, and now I pretty much have a wish list full of high-end products. The downfall of having expensive tastes.

I fell head over heels for these glorious Chloe ankle boots today and I'm trying to justify them in my head...they're £245 which is a LOT and that money could take me on a great holiday in Europe. This is the toss up in my life with my disposable income at the moment. Holiday or fashion? Memories or style? New discoveries or sartorial bliss? It's a tricky one I tell you.

Cost per wear is a great justification. As is the fact that my birthday has just been & I haven't brought myself a present yet. Although I was going to buy the satchel. Decisions, decisions.

 Image Source: See by Chloe Brogue Boots - www.matchesfashion.com

What are your thoughts? Aren't they dreamy? I could wear them throughout autumn, winter and beyond...they'd be dressy or casual...they'd work with jeans & dresses...and they'd make me feel amaze. Which is really what fashion is all about right?

AND I need shoes to wear for my future holidays - I can't go barefoot in Dublin, Paris, Seattle or Vancouver now can I? No, I can not.

Hmm time will tell!

Happy Wenerei all.

xxx L


  1. Do it! And be honest, can you really go on a holiday for 245GBP all up? noooooo

  2. This is an old post but if you haven't already ... buy, dear god buy! they are stunning!