September 6, 2011

Polish Princess

Oh how I heart OPI. Such great shades, soooo long lasting and my god, the names are amazing. I would LOVE to have the job of naming the OPI shades, what a COOOOOL gig that would be!
Since I hadn't bought an OPI for a while, I decided to treat myself with the limited edition Miss Universe Collection (from ASOS). I got a glam silvery shade called 'Crown Me Already!' (hehe) and I love the colour big time. Perfect for a night out with the gals or just to brighten up your everyday wardrobe.

Image Source: (L-R) Swimsuit...Nailed It!, Crown Me Already!, It's MY Year! & Congeniality Is My Middle Name - www.beautylish.com.

So do I get my crown now?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xxx L

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