September 23, 2011

Dad always said to invest wisely...

Ok, so after saying that I couldn't find any nice winter coats around, I stumbled across my dream winter coat this week by accident. It's always the way, when you're not looking for something, it finds you (this applies to boys, jobs, flats...most things in life)!

This coat has EVERYTHING that I want out of a winter coat - it's long (just above the knees), it's super warm, it doesn't look like every other coat & the quality is out of this world. I'd never heard of Bruuns Bazaar before, but now I love them! Such good attention to detail & craftsmanship...classic Danish.

Coats are one of those items that are definitely investment pieces. Especially if you live in a part of the world where the winters are long and cold, like London. Can you hear my justification for purchasing this coat already? To get a well tailored, warm & durable coat, you really do need to spend a bit...the saying is true, you pay for what you get.

So with any further ado, here is my baby...

Image Source: Cashmere Cocoon Coat - www.bruunsbazaar.com

Isn't it just amazing? I can't wait to go and pick her up! This almost, almost makes me look forward to the weather getting cooler. Almost.

I hope you all find your dream winter investment pieces as well!

Happy Friday all.

xxx L

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