August 3, 2011

Hotty Patotty

Holy moly Batman, it is hot. London has been ROASTING this week, making it too hot for working on an office (slash oven), too hot for wearing the majority of my wardrobe, too hot for my brain to work and too hot for wearing shoes. This heatwave has made me realise that I really need to invest in a pair of summery sandals tout suite! I've managed to get by in Londres with ballet flats, brogues and jandals, but these just don't cut it when you want to look glam, yet not overheat.

Soooo I had a wee looksie on ASOS, and found an amazing selection of cheap, cheerful and in same cases, colourful sandals. Thanks ASOS, you're a true gem.

Now the question is...which pair(s) to buy?

These sandals are classic gladiator sandals in my mind - strappy, buckle detailing, ankle support, brown - these would work with pretty much every outfit and would definitely help to get you from A to B.

Pieces Gypsy Leather Ankle Strap Flat Sandals

Whereas these sandals would help to transform you into a Grecian goddess in no time, with the simple strap detailing and the pretty metallic gold colouring. I can envision wearing these at a garden party with a floaty maxi dress and loose wavy hair. I think this pair is one of my faves here, plus they're only £12, what a bargain!

ASOS FINLAY Leather Toe Post Sandals

 I heart the plait detailing on these sandals, such a simple way to spruce up what would otherwise be a pretty basic pair of shoes. Simple, yet stylish. Good work ASOS!

ASOS FOUND Leather Toe Post Plait Flat Sandals

I love the soft colouring of these sandals, as well as the strappy detailing. This colour would go with all outfits, making this a clever choice of sandals to purchase!

ASOS FOXY Leather Gladiator Sandals

Now these ones are slightly different from the others with their thick strap detailing. Maybe not so good for the hottest of hot days, but a great choice for something different to the norm. Loving the zip detailing at the back too!

BC Freckles Strapped Zip Back Flat Sandals

Now these sandals would make me feel like I'd joined the fashion military! The colour, the structured ankle straps and the buckle all make me think that it's time to march on and put my best foot forward!

Oasis Simple Strappy Sandals

Isn't the colour of these just to die? My friend mentioned on Saturday that she thinks I have an obsession with this colour, and I'm begin to think that she's right! I'm in love with yellow at the moment as it's oh so hot right now, yet I struggle to pull it off as it's quite a tricky colour to wear. This would be the perfect way to get yellow into my wardrobe, without looking washed out! I may have to purchase these ce soir!

ASOS Foxy Leather Gladiator Sandals
All images sourced from www.asos.com

I hope you're all loving the weather wherever you are at the moment! I'm dying a little in this heat, but am loving it all the same! It's a good excuse to a- buy some actual summer clothes, b- drink G&Ts with sliced cucumber (my new obsession) and c- have tasty icecream treats!

Happy hump day!

xxx L

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