August 16, 2011

Classics and staples

There's nothing better than wearing a fresh white tee for the first time. Especially when you've been hunting for one to replace your tatty old Country Road version for months. I stumbled across the softest and snuggliest tees at Aubin & Wills out east, heart that place big time.

Such great classics, for reasonable prices and good quality - which is a surprising rarity in this city. You either find cheap & poorly made items, or good quality items with a hefty price tag. Makes me really miss the Antipodean staples like Country Road. Have my fingers crossed that the fam will send me some CR treats for my birthday...hint hint much?

Thanks Aubin & Wills for filling the void.

Image Source: Hancox Tee - www.aubinandwills.com 

Hope your Tuesdays are going well, I'm off to Chinatown for dinner with the girls tonight, yum! Bring on the dumplings, vino and gossip sessions!

xxx L

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