August 11, 2011

The Cambridge Way.

Oh dear.

It's happened again...

I've fallen head over heels in love with another delicious fashion item.

This time, it's in the form of a satchel. I've been lusting over satchels for a while (ever since I moved to London really) and since my current bag is driving me INSANE (it pops open when I walk, annoying much!), I've been on a serious hunt for a new bag.

The STUNNING bags at the Cambridge Satchel Company have really taken the top spot in my list of dream bags. Actually, scratch that...they've taken the ONLY spot and have knocked all the other bags off the list. I first noticed these bags when someone walked past me in the street and a flash of fluro caught my eye. Ever since then I've been noticing them more and more.

There are just SO many things to love about these bags. The price, the different sizes, the strap options, the styles and the colours (including fluro!). Ohhh I'm drooling a little here...I think it's time for me to get one...birthday present for myself maybe?

Ahhh The Classic. Such a stunning design, made with gorgeous leather and convenient adjustable straps...such a beauty. I really heart the yellow colour too, soooo prrreeeetttttttttyyy.

The Classic (dark brown)

The Classic (yellow)

Oh fluro. You are so sexy. You are so bright. You steal my heart. You bring me light. I can't wear you on my clothes because I'm too white. But my accessories can wear you!!! I love all the fluro colours in this range, but I think I'd have to toss up between the fluro yellow or fluro green. Tough choice, tough choice.

The Fluro

The Fluro (fluro yellow)

The Batchel. Another reason why I love the Cambridge Satchel Company. What a COOL name for a satchel, which is a bag! This is definitely my kind of brand! The difference in this design is the handle on the top, ideal for quickly picking up your bag from the tube, work, bar...anytime you need to just get up and go!

The Batchel (fluro green)

The Designer is another fantastic bag, what with the two-tone and all. So fantastic, that half of the colours in this style are sold out on the Cambridge Satchel Company's site. It's a perfect choice for those who can't decide on a colour for their satchel.

The Designer (vintage body, navy buckles)

And it gets better...

You can get your bag EMBOSSED! Embossed my friends, embossed. Imagine having your initials on your bag for the whole of the world to see. And you can choose from silver, gold, black or blind. The choices! I'm getting panicky just thinking about it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All images sourced from www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk.

So now I just have to make the choice. The Classic or the Batchel? Which colour? Which colour of embossing? Decisions, decisions. Life is hard.

Yay Friday tomorrow, the perfect day to wear a satchel.

xxx L

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  1. I understand your dilemma. I too have just fallen in love and don't know which to choose. To be able to have the batchel/satchel embossed is just totally incredible. It appeals to every atom of my being. I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker confronted with choosing just one pair of shoes or just one balenciaga dress. Help!