July 31, 2011

Hidden treasure

Don't you love it when you stumble across a great find (whether it be food, fashion or anything else) when you're just going about your daily life? This happened to me today...I was pottering around out east with my friend, perusing the local antiques, food and fashion markets, when I spotted an amazing stall at the Broadway Markets.

The stall was for Kate Sheridan, which I hadn't heard of before, but was really impressed with the brand's range of unique items, especially in the bag department. I picked myself up a gorgeous makeup bag / clutch with a pretty aztec print, for the cheap & cheerful price of £12!

I just checked out the website too & found some more items that I'd love to purchase! I was pleasantly surprised to see that there was a wide range of items to choose from, which could be purchased online or at stores such as Urban Outfitters or TopShop. Not bad for a Saturday market stall, not bad at all.

This pretty little purse was my purchase, and it also came in a tobacco & teal colour combo, but I prefer the colour option below. I only just realised that this has a internal pocket too, which is oh so handy. How is this so cheap? Bargain much?

Black & Peach Triangle Make Up Bag

This bag screams preppy gym bunny to me. I love both the style of it and the unassuming colour, it's not showy but it's so cool...like the dark horse of the bag world. Plus it is SUCH a good price! £25.50 down from £85, what an investment for such a multi-functional bag. You could use this darling for taking your gear to the gym (hello health benefits), you could use this for an overnight getaway (hello romantic sojourn), you could use this when travelling to avoid check-in luggage fees (hello seeing the world AND saving money), so this is pretty much the ideal bag! What other bags are good for your health, love life, sightseeing or savings? Not many my friend, not many.

Barrel Bag

This bag reminds me of one that my friend Clauds used to have, which I was always super jel of as it seemed SO handy. This is just so BEAUTIFUL, in terms of the honey colour, the gorgeous Italian leather & the fact that this bag could fit everything in it that you could possibly need...wallet, bottle of water, phone, keys, lippy, magazines, bottle of vino vino, baguette, cheese, that item of clothing that you didn't need to buy but you really wanted...everything!

Miele Leather Shopper

I've always wanted a cosmetics bag like this - one that you could fold up for travelling and then unravel & hang in the bathroom. My friend Mamm has one similar & I was always jealous when he pulled it out when we were on holiday, although it was nowhere near as stylish as the one below. I have three international trips booked within the next two months...I reckon this is a very necessary purchase, right?

Triangle Print Travel Washbag
All images sourced from www.katesheridan.com

Hmm so maybe my plan to save money this pay won't go so well, but at these prices & beauty, it's pretty much an investment on my happiness, and you can't put a price on that!

Hope you're all having the best weekend - I'm off to a food festival tomorrow, can not wait!

xxx L

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