April 25, 2011

Jewelled Junkie

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I've been spending all my time outdoors in the sun, catching up with good friends during these holiday weekends over picnics & pimms. And it was during one of these social jaunts that I discovered an amazing jewellery brand called Galibardy (I found them at the Sunday Up Market out East).

Galibardy have quite quirky & fun jewellery which I LOVE. I purchased a jazzy molar necklace and some love heart earrings and I've found some other beauties just now on their site. Enjoy!

Their necklaces remind me of ones stocked in Artikel and Iko Iko in Wellington - quite striking, unique and modern. I love the scissors, paper, rock one and the brass guitar case, plus my toothy babies of course. Belz Adams, these remind me of you for some reason?

Guitar Case

Gold Teeth

Scissors Paper Rock

Sewing Machine

The rings are definitely statement pieces and are not for the faint-hearted (or for those who work in extreme corporate environments)! Personally I'd love to rock one of these bad boys, maybe the origami bird would be the best for me? So many to choose from!

Block Colour Skull

Origami Bird

Turntable Ring

They do some wicked earrings too, although for some reason they don't have my ones online. Mine are beautiful black jewelled heart studs, I can't stop wearing them! I love these wee ballroom dancers too...hey there dancers, show me what ya got!

 Ballroom Dancer (Studs)

Panther (Studs)

All images sourced from www.galibardy.com

You can purchase Galibardy jewellery from trendy East London as I mentioned above, or online (they ship both to the UK and internationally). And boys never fear! Most of these pieces are unisex (take the skull ring for example), so you can work these items into your everyday attire too!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and you managed to treat yourself!

xxx L

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  1. i love love love paper rock scissors...went online and it's all sold out:( damn it! great find lovely...