April 25, 2011

Jewelled Junkie

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I've been spending all my time outdoors in the sun, catching up with good friends during these holiday weekends over picnics & pimms. And it was during one of these social jaunts that I discovered an amazing jewellery brand called Galibardy (I found them at the Sunday Up Market out East).

Galibardy have quite quirky & fun jewellery which I LOVE. I purchased a jazzy molar necklace and some love heart earrings and I've found some other beauties just now on their site. Enjoy!

Their necklaces remind me of ones stocked in Artikel and Iko Iko in Wellington - quite striking, unique and modern. I love the scissors, paper, rock one and the brass guitar case, plus my toothy babies of course. Belz Adams, these remind me of you for some reason?

Guitar Case

Gold Teeth

Scissors Paper Rock

Sewing Machine

The rings are definitely statement pieces and are not for the faint-hearted (or for those who work in extreme corporate environments)! Personally I'd love to rock one of these bad boys, maybe the origami bird would be the best for me? So many to choose from!

Block Colour Skull

Origami Bird

Turntable Ring

They do some wicked earrings too, although for some reason they don't have my ones online. Mine are beautiful black jewelled heart studs, I can't stop wearing them! I love these wee ballroom dancers too...hey there dancers, show me what ya got!

 Ballroom Dancer (Studs)

Panther (Studs)

All images sourced from www.galibardy.com

You can purchase Galibardy jewellery from trendy East London as I mentioned above, or online (they ship both to the UK and internationally). And boys never fear! Most of these pieces are unisex (take the skull ring for example), so you can work these items into your everyday attire too!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend and you managed to treat yourself!

xxx L

April 13, 2011

Maximise Your Wardrobe!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm loving maxi dresses right now. There's something about the billowing fabric, the comfy-ness and the lack of fuss that these dresses provide. Perfect for covering up while still looking pretty, it's a wonder that I don't have one of these in my wardrobe already! And there are SO many maxis available right now that we're really spoilt for choice. The only question is, as always, which one(s) to choose?

Floral is clearly a good place to start - as it's the ultimate pattern that symbolises summer. This maxi from Miss Selfridge is gorgeous: I love the colours, the style and the way that it sits. It's the perfect girly maxi!
Bright Floral Maxi Dress - www.missselfridge.com

More muted and mature, this maxi would be perfect for the workplace. The tone, cut and layering would all fit well in an office environment, allowing you to be on trend and professional at the same time. Plus those pockets are perfect for your iPhone / BBerry, your pen or your swipe card - ideal!

Frances Maxi Cross Over Dress - www.reissonline.com

This dress is so stunning and the pattern reminds me of Sass & Bide. I can imagine wearing this funky treat to a cool London club, it'd fit in perfectly. Love it! 

Funktional Tribal Maxi Dress - www.shopnastygal.com

This maxi dress is quite alty, made even more so by the hat that this model is wearing. She's so cool right now. I like the buttoning feature, perfect for when your legs are getting too toasty at your summer picnic in the park...just undo some buttons are you'll be as cool as a cucumber. Cool, that is, in more ways than one!

MinkPink Trim & Terrific Maxi Dress - www.shopnastygal.com

I love the rusty / burgundy colour of this dress - this colour screams Topshop to me, maybe because half of their current clothes are in this shade! The belt detailing is super trendy too, you'll be one hot mumma in this maxi fantaxi!

Rust Dippy Hem Maxi Dress - www.missselfridge.com

This maxi would have to be my favourite - mainly because the pattern is just divine (quite Cyb√®le-esque) and it's so glam. I'd love to rock this to a fancy pants event and stun everyone with my great taste in fashion. Take that party people!

Yellow Print Mesh Skirt Maxi Dress By Unique - www.topshop.com

So whatever maxi rocks your socks,  make sure you wear yours with proper shoes - pretty sandals or wedges are perfecto, you don't want any pesky stilettos piercing or catching on the bottom of the dress! Oh no, that would be a serious fashion faux-pas!

Here's hoping this weekend brings us more maxi dress-wearing summery weather! I'm looking forward to having brunch with my besties, one of whom will have just arrived in London! See you soon Cj!

xxx L

April 4, 2011

Swedish Style Ja.

Don't you hate it (or love it) when a friend introduces you to a brand or store, telling you which items they're looking at buying, and you end up falling in love with several goodies that you didn't even know existed? This happened to me recently. My friend Han was showing me the shoes that she has been lusting over, and typical me, I go and fall head over heels (excuse the pun) for numerous items, including one of the most expensive pair of shoes on the site. This seems to happen every time. Somehow I always get major clothing crushes on the dearest item, without even looking at the price tag. Call it a talent, or a curse...

So on this occasion, the brand in particular was none other than Swedish Hasbeens - a quirky Swedish company which specialises primarily in shoes, stocking items in numerous stores around London (plus other cities / countries), including dear Topshop. Using natural materials such as leather, wood and rubber for their products, they claim that their items will last so long & will be so well loved, that you'll hand them down to your children. Now that's impressive.

So I've picked out a few of my favourites from their range, including the ones that I can't stop thinking about!

Ahhh the classic clog. The revival of this stomper takes me back to owning a pair almost identical to these back in primary school. I was a trendy wee kiddie, and yes, I like to think that I still am today. These darlings are so hot right now, that you'd most likely be able to jump the line in any queue when wearing these out and about! They're that popular.

Slip in Super High

Now this style is more feminine & delicate than the ones above (and Rad's dream shoe), and in my opinion, more modern. I love the detailing of the leather and the range of colours available (which are inspired by the 50's & 60's). So many choices, how does one decide!

60's Slingback

If I owned these shoes, I imagine that I'd wear them almost every day as they're so versatile. Easily paired with pants or skirts, for dressy or casual occasions, these ballerina babes are right up my alley. With the laces, wee holes and flat soles, you know they'd be comfy too.

Ballerina Perforated

As well as creating an amazing range of shoes, Swedish Hasbeens also have some great accessories available - such as these GORGEOUS small shoulder bags. The perfect size for everyday use, these bags would definitely brighten up your day and get you excited for the summery weather ahead!

Small Shoulder Bags

Another eye-popping treat are the classic leather belts. Once again, these come in numerous colours, so what better way to wear the trendy season's brights, than on your belt. Perfect for those who shy away from colour or for those want to freshen up their look. I love the yellow & orange styles personally, so juicy!

The Original Leather Belt

Now, for the favourite of the lot, the divine SH boots. I am so in love with these booties that I have no rational thoughts regarding them - I don't care that we're going into summer and won't be needing boots (although let's face it, it'll be cold again in London before we know it), I don't care that the colour of these makes them easily dirtied & prone to scuff marks and I don't care that they're 2995 SEK (you do the math)...I'm in love! Now all I need to do is get a sweet pay rise, win the lottery (although that would involve buying a ticket) or find a rich man. Gentlemen, line up!

Lace-Up Boot High
All images sourced from www.swedishhasbeens.com

Ahhh another day, another yet-to-be-earned pound spent. C'est la vie, or as the Swedish would say...ok you got me, I know no Swedish, but damn, can they make good fashion!

Happy Monday all, the week is only going to get better from here!

xxx L