March 6, 2011


For those of you who know me personally, you'll know that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Like major. Like would pick sweet over savoury any day, and would try to incorporate dessert after every meal if I was allowed. Like have been working at my new job (which I LOVE) for only a week and I already know where they stash the biscuits & chocolate for the meetings...hehe!

Unfortunately the whole sweet tooth thing doesn't go down so well with my health or figure (bummer) so starting tomorrow I'm trying to have a sweet-free week. I don't know how well I'll cope, or if I'll even last a day, but I figure I may as well try. Try being the optimum word here.

Sweets and fashion don't normally go together, but the talented Ashish has made this sweet jersey (hehe note the pun) which I'm kind of craving for. Would love to wear this with some tight skinnies and chunky heels, it'd like oh so delish. You can purchase this and other food-inspired Ashish goodies online from Topshop - nice.

Image Source: Doughnut Sweat - www.topshop.com

Speaking of food, I tried an AMAZING brunch place today with three of my good friends. Called The Breakfast Club, you have to wait like 45 mins outside to get a table but it is SO worth it. They have the ultimate brunch, and one dish has completely revolutionised the way I order brunch. I'm ALWAYS tossing up between savoury brunch (eggs florentine generally) and sweet brunch (pancakes with maple), but at The Breakfast Club I don't need to go through this mental issue as they have a dish called The All American - pancakes, maple, bacon, sausisse, hashies and eggs. Ohhhh baby, it's amazing. And not too badly priced either! It's so going to be my regular...now I just have to get through this next week of sweet free eating. Uh-oh I'm craving already.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

x L

P.S - Just realised that pancake day is on Tuesday...maybe I'll need to postpone this sweet-cleanse!


  1. Wow that breakfast sounds so good. How's the coffee in London these days?! I'm a big supporter of replacing toast with pancakes and lathering in maple syrup - yum!

  2. It was amaze. If you come over I'll take you there! Coffee here is good if you know where to go (read: Antipodean cafes) - goodies include Monmouth, Flat White, Milk & Sacred. My SAM makes a mean double shot latte on the work coffee machine too, which is fab as it's free! x