March 31, 2011

Same Same, But Different Continents

My friends and I are so in sync that we can have the same thoughts, even when living on opposite sides of the world.

Image Source: Denim Dreaming - www.facebook.com

Just as I was lusting after & purchasing this stunner of a denim shirt from Motel, my good friend was organising & hosting a sweet denim flatwarming back home. Anna, great minds think alike! I so would have come wearing this and little coloured denim hotpants if I was there!

Loving your work doll, looks like it was a fun night!

Image Source: Motel Oversize Pocket Print Denim Colleen Shirt - www.asos.com

Now all I have to do is wait for my shirt to arrive early next week! Can't wait until the Marwood bow ties go on sale too, as I'm hanging out to pair them with this shirted beauty all buttoned up! Plus short shorts and heels for good measure!

Yay Friday tomorrow! Word is that London is going be sunny, warm and prepped for a good weekend! Bring it on.

xxx L

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