March 31, 2011

Same Same, But Different Continents

My friends and I are so in sync that we can have the same thoughts, even when living on opposite sides of the world.

Image Source: Denim Dreaming - www.facebook.com

Just as I was lusting after & purchasing this stunner of a denim shirt from Motel, my good friend was organising & hosting a sweet denim flatwarming back home. Anna, great minds think alike! I so would have come wearing this and little coloured denim hotpants if I was there!

Loving your work doll, looks like it was a fun night!

Image Source: Motel Oversize Pocket Print Denim Colleen Shirt - www.asos.com

Now all I have to do is wait for my shirt to arrive early next week! Can't wait until the Marwood bow ties go on sale too, as I'm hanging out to pair them with this shirted beauty all buttoned up! Plus short shorts and heels for good measure!

Yay Friday tomorrow! Word is that London is going be sunny, warm and prepped for a good weekend! Bring it on.

xxx L

March 24, 2011

French Kisses

My thought process of the evening:

Pay day is Friday (praise the Lord!)...My wardrobe is severly lacking...I have seen so many things I'd like to buy instore and online...Spring is definitely here (loving the sunshine this week!), so summer is just around the corner...I need some summer dresses...Didn't I try some mint dresses on in French Connection the other week with one of my girls?

And BOOM out of nowhere, ol' sneaky sneakster French Connection sends me an email touting 'free delivery' for the next fortnight from their site. So now I don't even need to leave the comfort of my home to jazz up my wardrobe. Very smart FC, you definitely know how to get me. It's like you were in my mind...

Now the only question is...which dress(es) to buy!

This bejazzaled beauty (not to be confused with vejazzaled) is one of the dresses I tried on and INSTANTLY fell in love with. So gorgeous to wear and perfect for so many occassions, I can definitely see this stunner in my wardrobe. From memory it was quite short though, so maybe not that ideal for the office...maybe vejazzling wouldn't be out of order either (jokes, that's only for Essex night)!

Bex Beads Round Neck Dress

This maxi really is quite beautiful and with all the amazing maxis around this season, it's no wonder that I'm craving one. I like the way this dress has both horizontal & vertical stripes, it's like an optical sartorial illusion! Monochromatic magic eye anyone?

Broadway Stripe Maxi Dress

Always a sucker for the Grecian goddess look & soft pastels, this dress is definitely one of my current FC faves. I can imagine wearing this to a low-key yet classy event, with some popping bright spring shoes and loosely curled hair. Sublime.

Caramel One-Shoulder Dress

I am LOVING floaty patterened shirts at the moment and have been on the lookout for one every since I saw my friend's rad owl shirt. So it's no surprise that this dress has me almost reaching for my credit card pre-pay day! SUCH a great choice for my current casual yet corporate world...some might say it's ideal.

Flight of Fancy Shirt Dress

This maxi is pretty similar to the one above, but as it's another one that I tried on instore, I thought I'd include it. With more of a beachy feel, this dress is just ridiculously comfortable to walk around in and makes you feel very zen while wearing it. Is is the stripes? Is it the material? Is it the flowy billowing shape? Who knows, but that sucker is cosy.

Picasso Stripe Maxi Dress
Image source for all dresses - www.frenchconnection.co.uk

As well as loving their clothing, I'm also a huge fan of the current FC advertising campaign. Apparently they picked random people off the street and got them to pose in odd situations. True story? Who knows, but the creative certainly has people talking. You are man? You are hot. I want.

So another day, another future dollar spent. As I said, French Connection knows where my heart is at - in beautiful, easy-to-obtain clothing. Good on you ya clever beasts.

Hope you're having a divine week - only two more working days left, yay, bring on le weekend!

xxx L

March 16, 2011

Man About Town

I recently got told that while my blog was amazing, it was seriously lacking in posts about menswear, so to all my male readers...sorry! Today's post is especially for you! As you may or may not know, the reigning champion of online designer shopping, NET-A-PORTER, has just launched a brother site for the...brothers...out there (wow I'm witty). Tailored specifically for menswear, MR PORTER is the site to go to if you want to buy high end fashion online. 

I had a decent peruse and the site is pretty good. They obviously don't have as much stock as their sister site, but I'm sure this will change with time. I saw a model-esque man carrying a huge MR PORTER bag in my office building the other day, which naturally increased my interest in the site, plus my interest in the other companies within my building...is there a modelling agency there that I don't know about? Why doesn't he work on my floor? Why did he not ask me out on a date when we were in the lift together? He must have been gay!

Anyway, I digress.

Back to the clothes...

So am loving some of the styles / trends on MR PORTER, below are a few of my faves!

I love a good khaki jacket and have been slightly obsessed with the colour ever since this post. I can just imagine this on a rugged man, who has facial hair and is wearing dark dark blue denim jeans, with some of those camel working-man boots. Very city man meets outdoor explorer! You had me at Burberry, sunshine.

Burberry Brit Cotton Military-Style Jacket

Another favourite of mine is the classic Breton tee. This version by Marc from Marc Jacobs has a slight twist on the classic, with varied colours in the stripes which seems to modernises the look a bit. I do love a good ol' tee on a boy, you just can't go wrong with it.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Contrasting Stripe Cotton Breton T-Shirt

I have majorly heart this style of boots for guys...somewhat high tops, somewhat dressy, somewhat yum. Lots of guys in Londontown wear these bad boys and I'm not complaining. I love this pair from A.P.C. - great cut, great material & great colour, nice work.
A.P.C. Suede Desert Boots

A good looking man is made that much better looking by a beautiful scarf. This scarf is just where it's at in terms of style - subtle colouring, striped detailing, cosy & snuggly, it has hot boy written all over it. I can imagine this on a boy with a big rugged jacket and geekchic glasses (yes I just made up a word) - how divine. This is definitely the kind of scarf that a girl would buy for a boy and then end up wearing herself because she loves it so much, and yes, that HAS happened with friends I know before!
Hartford Linen-Blend Scarf

I love cardigans on guys, and in my opinion, not enough boys wear them. There are so many variations of cardigans out there that suit the many different masculine styles, they shouldn't just be worn by the more feminine, style-conscious or metro men out there. Embrace the cardy boys! This is a great one to start off your cardigan relationship with...minimalist style, macho shade & effortlessly cool. Much respect to my brother & Mr. Flaherty who are big cardy campaigners.
Mr. by Rolan Mouret Cashmere Low-Button Cardigan

I loved the section of man bags on MR PORTER, although noticeably, the word combination of man & bag was nowhere to be seen! And fair enough too, as man bag has such horrible connotations. Is it so wrong for a man to own a bag which he carries around on a daily basis without being considered effeminate? I think not. And with a great selection of bags to choose from, like this rugged beauty from Mulberry, how could you deny such a necessary accessory! Again with the khaki too!
Mulberry Medium Clipper Holdall Bag

A good friend and I were recently singing the praises of a classic red checked shirt on a guy, and we both agreed that there's almost nothing better. The lumberjack look, as she named it, makes a man seem more masculine & tough, while still looking like a suave city slicker. And with Rag & Bone, you're onto a winning combination!
Rag & Bone Cotton Check Shirt

Beautiful jeans (in terms of colour, cut & brand) + boy =  sartorial win. Need I say more?
 Yves Saint Laurent Skinny Fit Denim Jeans
All images sourced from www.mrporter.com

So there you have it. A post for the boys. Although that was really a post on the clothes I like to see boys in...but it's my blog and I make the rules, so that's how it works.

Hope you all have fun plans for St Pat's tomorrow! I'm getting dinner cooked for me by a flat filled with boys...I wonder what they'll be wearing?

xxx L

March 6, 2011


For those of you who know me personally, you'll know that I have a MAJOR sweet tooth. Like major. Like would pick sweet over savoury any day, and would try to incorporate dessert after every meal if I was allowed. Like have been working at my new job (which I LOVE) for only a week and I already know where they stash the biscuits & chocolate for the meetings...hehe!

Unfortunately the whole sweet tooth thing doesn't go down so well with my health or figure (bummer) so starting tomorrow I'm trying to have a sweet-free week. I don't know how well I'll cope, or if I'll even last a day, but I figure I may as well try. Try being the optimum word here.

Sweets and fashion don't normally go together, but the talented Ashish has made this sweet jersey (hehe note the pun) which I'm kind of craving for. Would love to wear this with some tight skinnies and chunky heels, it'd like oh so delish. You can purchase this and other food-inspired Ashish goodies online from Topshop - nice.

Image Source: Doughnut Sweat - www.topshop.com

Speaking of food, I tried an AMAZING brunch place today with three of my good friends. Called The Breakfast Club, you have to wait like 45 mins outside to get a table but it is SO worth it. They have the ultimate brunch, and one dish has completely revolutionised the way I order brunch. I'm ALWAYS tossing up between savoury brunch (eggs florentine generally) and sweet brunch (pancakes with maple), but at The Breakfast Club I don't need to go through this mental issue as they have a dish called The All American - pancakes, maple, bacon, sausisse, hashies and eggs. Ohhhh baby, it's amazing. And not too badly priced either! It's so going to be my regular...now I just have to get through this next week of sweet free eating. Uh-oh I'm craving already.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

x L

P.S - Just realised that pancake day is on Tuesday...maybe I'll need to postpone this sweet-cleanse!