February 18, 2011

'Tis the Season!

The season that is, for FASHION! Fashion Week started in London today & you can definitely feel the stylish vibe in the city...the tube was crammed with well dressed individuals this morning (much to my delight), my favourite free magazine, Stylist, was stuffed with satorial information (read the online version here) and all of the big fashion heavyweights are here! Yours truly is also feeling inspired...this morning I chose to wear more of a Londonesque outfit: ruched singlet, high waisted floral skirt, thigh-high woollen socks, heeled booties & a topknot. And thank god I did, because I've already seen one major celeb today and it's only mid-morning! Who knows how many other members of fashion's elite I'll be bumping into this week!

I can feel my sense of style morphing from Kiwi to Londoner each day - less black, more alternative & edgy clothing. This week I even purchased some sunnies that I would never have really considered wearing back home. To me these are classic London (preppy meets alternative) and the best part is, they were only £2 from Primark! Bargain!

Happy London Fashion Week everyone!

xxx L

P.S. - Big ups to one of my blog sisters who is getting rave reviews for her amazing food blog, Heartbreak Pie, & who recently appeared on a top NZ morning show. Check it out here if you want to be entertained & pick up some great cuisine tips!

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