February 9, 2011

Timeless Triwa

Just under a year ago, I did a post on watches, and mentioned my love for the more masculine styles. So you can imagine my excitement when I spotted this BEAUTY on the GAG website. I adore all of the detailing on this Triwa bad boy, from the three dials to the leather strap, to the earthy tones and the stainless steel features. And the fact that this model is called Nevil? Icing on the cake. 

Image Source: Triwa Nevil Raven Tan - www.shop.goodasgold.co.nz

After seeing this, I checked out the Triwa site and was very impressed with the beautiful selection of both watches and cuffs that they have available. Go the Swedes for creating such classy time-keeping accessories. The Nevil Raven in tan is definitely my favourite, but here are the two runners-up in my opinion.

This model is more of a formal slash going-out-at-night piece than the one above. I love the black & gold colour combo - very slick Rick. I can imagine Mr. 007 wearing something like this...or myself (hint hint, nudge nudge, buy this for me you generous thing you).

Image Source: Carbon Gold - www.triwa.se

Now this is similar to the Nevil Raven, but has slightly altered features. So same same, but different. The poppingly bright colour of the strap is really what caught my eye, and we all know how in brights are right now! I can imagine this looking amazing with a khaki jacket, high-waisted black trousers and killer heels. H.O.T.

Image Source: Nevil Havana Orange - www.triwa.se

So if any of you are wondering what to get me for Valentine's Day, now you know (take a hint people). Triwa watches are actually quite reasonably priced too, compared to some of the other watch brands out there (see how I'm justifying this purchase for you)! I noticed that Triwa have several London stockists too...how dangerous (or convenient for you).

xxx L

(Subliminal message...buy me the Nevil Raven in tannnnn....doooo ittttt)

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