February 11, 2011

Chromosome Y? Chromosome Tie.

As you've probably already noticed, masculinity is at the forefront of women's fashion at the moment. Confusing? No. Androgynous? Maybe. More comfortable? Definitely. Walking around in boyfriend jeans or an oversized shirt is a lot more relaxing than flouncing around in a body con dress or a mini! One of my favourite features of this testosterone-inspired trend is the humble bow tie. Favoured by the likes of The Man Repeller, Chloe Sevigny and Rachel Bilson, this little accessory is definitely having its time in the spotlight!

There are numerous different bow ties around, but one brand that hits the nail on the head is Marwood. I'm currently lusting after a black lace bow tie (as well as a velvet one), so the Marwood range is right up my alley. Their geometric lace bow tie would have to be my fave, as it brings a feminine element to this masculine piece.

Image Source: Lace Bow Ties - www.marwoodlondon.co.uk

Marwood also have an online sketchbook which takes the form of a blog - check this out to see new products, plus the source of their inspiration. It's pretty neat to see their thought process. Marwood also have a selection of ties (not surprisingly), so it could be the perfect place to find a Valentine's Day present for your lover, no matter what their gender!

I hope you all have a great weekend, I'm off to Paris, can't wait!

xxx L

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