December 18, 2011

Santa's sweatshop

It's cold outside, you're sick of wearing cardies and you want to wear something that will keep you warm, plus look nice. So what do you do?

You pick up this treat from J.Crew! Made from cosy merino wool, this military number comes in four wearable colours (navy, saddle, graphite and charcoal) and would work with many a winter outfit. Plus, with over a 50% discount on this puppy at the moment, it'd be rude not to buy it!

image source: hadley sweater - www.jcrew.com

Hope you've all made a dent in your Christmas shopping, I'm loving that fact that I had to get most of mine out of the way in November when I had a catch up with my fam! Feeling way less rushy rushy as a result!

Seasons greetings kids.

x L

December 15, 2011

'Tis the season

Since it's meant to snow tonight or tomorrow, I thought that this jersey was fitting for today's post. It's the ideal thing to wear apr├Ęs ski, or for relaxing in after a big feast (hello Christmas)!

I love the cheeky element of the jersey too, it reminds me of the witty OPI colour names.

Santa, I hope you're adding this poppet to my Christmas stocking!

image source: ashish chalet sweat - www.topshop.com

Hope you're all enjoying the party season, I've definitely been getting amongst the festive excess and silliness! 

x L

November 29, 2011

It's time to say thanks

What a great Thanksgiving holiday I had in Seattle last week. I had the best time with my family, enjoyed delicious food & beautiful bubbles, and I came home with the best treat of all...a new Michael Kors watch!

image source: michael kors oversized runway watch - www.michaelkors.com

Isn't she beautiful? I love the fact that she's different to the norm - the rose gold and gunmetal pairing is just to die. I can't stop looking at her and making excuses to check the time!

Life is good when you have so many things to be thankful for.

x L 

November 18, 2011

Frolicing towards festivities

Wow it's really getting festive out there isn't it? The Christmas lights are up on Oxford Street, the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland opens today and every shopping mall, supermarket, store window and the like is covered in Christmas lights & decorations. I love it!

I'm feeling even more festive as I'm about to have a reunion with my siblings at my Dad's house in Seattle for Thanksgiving! So I've found a great festive outfit for those many social functions and parties that will happen over the next month. It's more pared down that I what I would have chosen a year or so ago, so maybe that's the influence of London creeping in.

Let the festivities begin!

I love the combination of sequins, bold colours, fierce heels and overall beautifulness! I adore the autumnal colouring of this dress, as well as the layering, so classic French chic. This outfit makes me fall in love with Maje all over again, plus makes me want to invest in some structurally-stunning heels from Camilla Skovgaard. Beautiful.

image source: maje jaglion orange dress - www.maje.com

image source: aubin & wills silverthorpe jacket - www.aubinandwills.com

image source: whistles paulette bag - www.whistles.co.uk

image source: camilla skovgaard check peeptoe platforms - www.my-wardrobe.com

Have a great weekend everyone and see you soon siblings! Yippeee!

x L

November 13, 2011

A koopling of black and leather

I love The Kooples. From their beautiful advertising campaigns (with real couples), their French origins and obviously, their clothes. If my whole wardrobe could be from The Kooples, then I'd be a happy lass. Scratch that, I'd be a VERY happy lass.
Today my friends, we are admiring some of the black leather options available at The Kooples at the moment. I think my love for leather is influenced by the current fetish trend, leather is seriously everywhere these days!

Since I have an obsession with coats at the moment, I thought we'd begin with this darling. This is such a great chic winter coat, I love the stand-up collar detailing and obviously, the leather panels. I've actually also realised that this coat is dark navy, so not really in the post theme of leather and black, but shhh don't tell anyone!

coat with leather stand-up collar

I also have a love for loose shirts right now, so this shirty shirtface is right up my alley. The lightweight chiffon combined with the leather collar and cuffs...divine! This shirt would look great tucked into a high-waisted burgundy skirt, paired with chunky ankle boots. Winter chic.

lightweight shirt with leather collar

From coats & shirts to trenches, The Kooples can make leather look stunning on any item. I love the fur detailing on this trench, it would be so snuggy to wear in winter. The fact that this collar is removable means that you could wear this trench for both casual AND dressy occassions. Although in the winter, I think you'd want as much snugglyness as possible!

trench-coat with fur collar
all images sourced from www.thekooples.co.uk

Ahhh if only I could afford all of these leather luxuries, then I'd really be in wardrobe heaven. One day my pets, one day...

Hope you've all had a good weekend!

x L

November 2, 2011

The good kind of collaring

There's no better way to enter a season than the prospect of new seasonal clothing, especially accessories. Most items of clothing you can generally use for all seasons (with or without the use of layering), but it's the accessories that really vary throughout the year.

My favourite accessories would have to be the ones for the cooler months, as you can wear more of them and they're generally snuggly little treats which help get you from a - b. The accessories that I'm MOST excited about for AW11 are collars. Not those stiff dull collars that you see the suits wearing in the financial district, but those beautifully textured collars - whether they be lace, leather, fur etc. There are so many choices out there for collars right now and I want a whole wardrobe of them! Cheap, hot and the best way to spruce up a standard outfit. Perfecto!

This faux fur beastie not only pleases the animal lovers out there, but also looks like a cosy little number for those wintry nights. I like the idea of wearing it over a minimalist dress to spruce up your outfit for the upcoming festive season. Foxy non?

image source: asos faux fur pointed collar - www.asos.com

One of my besties used to have a much loved sheepie that she'd carry with her everywhere when we were younger, and would play with it between her fingers at any excuse. This collar evokes the same feeling of her sheepie with me - comforting, cosy and darling. Looks like Cj was onto it with ol' sheepie sheepster.

image source: asos faux sheepskin collar - www.asos.com

From home comforts to the more elegant, Mui Mui have a collar for those of you who like the finer things in life. This brilliant white furry number is one you'd save for more special occasions, like a romantic dinner date with your lover. I'd avoid the red vino while wearing this wee princess though.

image source: miu miu feather collar - www.net-a-porter.com

Velvet is very eastern London to me, so I can imagine seeing this Topshop collar on the cool kids around town. This would look amaze with a patterned shirt, high waisted skirt and brogues. London luxe indeed.

image source: topshop velvet pussybow collar - www.topshop.com

Peter Pan collars are too chic, so it's no surprise that ASOS has created an isolated collar in this style. The fact that it's in leather is just the icing on the cake. Plus what a great way to nail the fetish trend at the moment...pun very much intended.

image source: asos leather peter pan collar - www.asos.com

Now as always, the question is which one to opt for! I'm leaning towards the foxy ASOS option, nothing makes a cold day better than a snuggalicious accessory. And yes, I did just type snuggalicious. 

Long live accessories which make the cold months bearable!

Bisous, L x

October 26, 2011

Search, and you will find.

On my first trip to Amsterdam earlier this year, I stumbled across a fabulous street which housed all of my soon-to-be favourite stores, one of which was Black Sheep Road. I fell in love with this store the moment I walked in -  they had such a great range of beautiful street clothing at very reasonable prices, which is quite surprising these days. I bought a nice jersey dress from there which I wear all the time and I've just found some more goodies online today (which is dangerous as pay day was yesterday)!

I love this tee! So nautical & on trend with the print style of the moment. It'd be one of those versatile babies that you can wear with anything: jeans, skirts, shorts etc. Love. Plus I heart the brand name, LikeThis - how could you not?

LikeThis Allover Printed Tee

This next item reminds me of bunnies, snuggling up in a fluffy duvet and hot chocolates with marshmallows. My only concern is that it'd leave fluff everywhere, but I think it'd be worth it to be wearing such a cuddly item. The denim patches on the shoulders make it that much better - I'm really tempted to buy this poppet asap!

Le Mont Saint Michel Angora Knit

I have been loving the clothing from the Danish brand Won Hundred more and more. Each time I see their stylish denim or casual numbers, I am impressed by both the design and quality. I especially like this dress because it's so classic, and therefore, versatile. The print isn't too outrageous and the style is pretty tame, so it'd be a great work - party option. Ideal.

Won Hundred Seven Dress

I'm still on the hunt for a winter coat, as the one I was lusting over recently didn't look as spectacular on as I'd remembered when I went back for a second viewing. C'est la vie. So now that means I get to do more shopping in search for the perfect one! Another piece from Won Hundred, this coat has beautiful tailoring and is in such a beautiful colour (wine is the new black), that it's definitely a contender for my AW11 coat. It also has a full length zip at the back which gives it an edge, which is good as I hate buying pieces that look same-same to everyone else's wardrobes.

Won Hundred Kali Coat

I love these pants by Modstrom! They're quite simple yet different - the pattern and style aren't that conventional, but they don't look too crazy that you could only wear them to select events / locations. I'd love to wear these with a basic tee & ankle boots, or a white shirt & heels for a night out. The fact that they're high-waisted means that they'd be super comfy too! 

Modstrom Vest Stroko Pants
Image source for all - www.blacksheeproad.com

Ahhh I love finding new stores when out exploring, it makes you wonder why we don't go out of our comfort zone / bubble more often!

xxx L

October 18, 2011

BBF (Best Brogues Forever)

The saying goes that you should walk a mile in someone's shoes before you criticise them, and baby, if you walked a mile in mine, you would have nothing but praise. That's because I bought the comfiest and loveliest shoes in Oxford over the weekend.

My old brogues were thrown in the bin in Paris by my Dad, as they were beyond repair & he knew I wouldn't get rid of them myself. I was quite saddened at the time, but little did I know that my new favourite brogues would be just around the corner.

Good things come to those who wait eh.

I stumbled across these while 'window' shopping in the local English stores with my Bella, and these shoes caught my eyes straight away. I literally couldn't stop thinking about them all weekend. Made from calf leather, these darlings have a GREAT sole (unlike so many shoes in the shops at the moment), they're the colour of the season (a lovely shade of burgundy wine), and they're made in Italy. Tick, tick tick.

Image Source: Calf Derby - www.toast.co.uk

The store I bought these from is quintessential English too - lots of plaid, woolen knits and earthy tones. Great home ware too! I found out they have a few stores in London as well, but I think I'll save my shopping sprees there to when I'm visiting beautiful Oxford.

Can't wait to work the socks & rolled up pants look with them too...just need to buy some preppy sock numbers from Toast! I'm definitely dressing more English these days, I guess it was only a matter of time!

Happy almost-hump day!

xxx L

P.S. - Thanks Bels for helping me to pick these beauties, I wore them today and the comfort level was phenomenal! Hearts to you.

September 23, 2011

Dad always said to invest wisely...

Ok, so after saying that I couldn't find any nice winter coats around, I stumbled across my dream winter coat this week by accident. It's always the way, when you're not looking for something, it finds you (this applies to boys, jobs, flats...most things in life)!

This coat has EVERYTHING that I want out of a winter coat - it's long (just above the knees), it's super warm, it doesn't look like every other coat & the quality is out of this world. I'd never heard of Bruuns Bazaar before, but now I love them! Such good attention to detail & craftsmanship...classic Danish.

Coats are one of those items that are definitely investment pieces. Especially if you live in a part of the world where the winters are long and cold, like London. Can you hear my justification for purchasing this coat already? To get a well tailored, warm & durable coat, you really do need to spend a bit...the saying is true, you pay for what you get.

So with any further ado, here is my baby...

Image Source: Cashmere Cocoon Coat - www.bruunsbazaar.com

Isn't it just amazing? I can't wait to go and pick her up! This almost, almost makes me look forward to the weather getting cooler. Almost.

I hope you all find your dream winter investment pieces as well!

Happy Friday all.

xxx L

September 21, 2011

To buy, or not to buy...

The seasons are definitely changing - the fashion week cycle is well on its way, the stores are promoting new season coats & boots, and the nights are getting darker earlier. Damn.

On the plus side, it's a good excuse to look for new clothes for the colder months. I am in desperate need of new shoes (boots, brogues & heels) so have been scouting what's available online. To be honest, I'm not really that enthused by what is in the high street stores. All of the shoes seem a bit dull & boring, and none are really appealing to me (this is also the same with coats...it's not ideal). So I decided to take a cheeky look at the designer options, just to see what they had you know, and now I pretty much have a wish list full of high-end products. The downfall of having expensive tastes.

I fell head over heels for these glorious Chloe ankle boots today and I'm trying to justify them in my head...they're £245 which is a LOT and that money could take me on a great holiday in Europe. This is the toss up in my life with my disposable income at the moment. Holiday or fashion? Memories or style? New discoveries or sartorial bliss? It's a tricky one I tell you.

Cost per wear is a great justification. As is the fact that my birthday has just been & I haven't brought myself a present yet. Although I was going to buy the satchel. Decisions, decisions.

 Image Source: See by Chloe Brogue Boots - www.matchesfashion.com

What are your thoughts? Aren't they dreamy? I could wear them throughout autumn, winter and beyond...they'd be dressy or casual...they'd work with jeans & dresses...and they'd make me feel amaze. Which is really what fashion is all about right?

AND I need shoes to wear for my future holidays - I can't go barefoot in Dublin, Paris, Seattle or Vancouver now can I? No, I can not.

Hmm time will tell!

Happy Wenerei all.

xxx L

September 13, 2011

Joyeux anniversaire

Nothing beats turning another year older while on a fabulous mini-break in sunny sunny Europe.

Porto de Mos, Lagos

Lagos, you're beautiful.

Mini-break girls, you gave me the best birthday holiday.

Slim gold Havaianas, plus sunglasses from London's Sunday Up Market

Sun, I've missed you.

Europe, I love living on your doorstep.

One year older, and so very happy.

xxx L

September 6, 2011

Polish Princess

Oh how I heart OPI. Such great shades, soooo long lasting and my god, the names are amazing. I would LOVE to have the job of naming the OPI shades, what a COOOOOL gig that would be!
Since I hadn't bought an OPI for a while, I decided to treat myself with the limited edition Miss Universe Collection (from ASOS). I got a glam silvery shade called 'Crown Me Already!' (hehe) and I love the colour big time. Perfect for a night out with the gals or just to brighten up your everyday wardrobe.

Image Source: (L-R) Swimsuit...Nailed It!, Crown Me Already!, It's MY Year! & Congeniality Is My Middle Name - www.beautylish.com.

So do I get my crown now?

Happy Tuesday everyone!

xxx L

August 21, 2011

Modern day vintage

The reason that I don't go vintage shopping more is because I can never by bothered rummaging through the messy racks of clothes, all crammed together in a tiny musty-smelling store. Ewww. So I was pleasantly surprised when I checked out London's first ever vintage department store today. Based just off Brick Lane, Blitz provides the kind of vintage shopping that I need. Beautifully laid out racks & shelves of goodies in nice wide spaces, amassing two floors of vintage retail heaven.

I can't wait to go back there when I have time to peruse the store in more detail. They had a great selection of shirts, jackets, belts, furniture, shoes, silk scarves, sequin tops (Just & Abby, this is right up your alley), pretty much anything & everything you could want!

Image Source (for all): Blitz Vintage Department Store - www.blitzlondon.tumblr.com

Vintage shopping for the fussy shopper, ideal.

Hope you all had some good finds this weekend!

xxx L

August 16, 2011

Classics and staples

There's nothing better than wearing a fresh white tee for the first time. Especially when you've been hunting for one to replace your tatty old Country Road version for months. I stumbled across the softest and snuggliest tees at Aubin & Wills out east, heart that place big time.

Such great classics, for reasonable prices and good quality - which is a surprising rarity in this city. You either find cheap & poorly made items, or good quality items with a hefty price tag. Makes me really miss the Antipodean staples like Country Road. Have my fingers crossed that the fam will send me some CR treats for my birthday...hint hint much?

Thanks Aubin & Wills for filling the void.

Image Source: Hancox Tee - www.aubinandwills.com 

Hope your Tuesdays are going well, I'm off to Chinatown for dinner with the girls tonight, yum! Bring on the dumplings, vino and gossip sessions!

xxx L

August 11, 2011

The Cambridge Way.

Oh dear.

It's happened again...

I've fallen head over heels in love with another delicious fashion item.

This time, it's in the form of a satchel. I've been lusting over satchels for a while (ever since I moved to London really) and since my current bag is driving me INSANE (it pops open when I walk, annoying much!), I've been on a serious hunt for a new bag.

The STUNNING bags at the Cambridge Satchel Company have really taken the top spot in my list of dream bags. Actually, scratch that...they've taken the ONLY spot and have knocked all the other bags off the list. I first noticed these bags when someone walked past me in the street and a flash of fluro caught my eye. Ever since then I've been noticing them more and more.

There are just SO many things to love about these bags. The price, the different sizes, the strap options, the styles and the colours (including fluro!). Ohhh I'm drooling a little here...I think it's time for me to get one...birthday present for myself maybe?

Ahhh The Classic. Such a stunning design, made with gorgeous leather and convenient adjustable straps...such a beauty. I really heart the yellow colour too, soooo prrreeeetttttttttyyy.

The Classic (dark brown)

The Classic (yellow)

Oh fluro. You are so sexy. You are so bright. You steal my heart. You bring me light. I can't wear you on my clothes because I'm too white. But my accessories can wear you!!! I love all the fluro colours in this range, but I think I'd have to toss up between the fluro yellow or fluro green. Tough choice, tough choice.

The Fluro

The Fluro (fluro yellow)

The Batchel. Another reason why I love the Cambridge Satchel Company. What a COOL name for a satchel, which is a bag! This is definitely my kind of brand! The difference in this design is the handle on the top, ideal for quickly picking up your bag from the tube, work, bar...anytime you need to just get up and go!

The Batchel (fluro green)

The Designer is another fantastic bag, what with the two-tone and all. So fantastic, that half of the colours in this style are sold out on the Cambridge Satchel Company's site. It's a perfect choice for those who can't decide on a colour for their satchel.

The Designer (vintage body, navy buckles)

And it gets better...

You can get your bag EMBOSSED! Embossed my friends, embossed. Imagine having your initials on your bag for the whole of the world to see. And you can choose from silver, gold, black or blind. The choices! I'm getting panicky just thinking about it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

All images sourced from www.cambridgesatchel.co.uk.

So now I just have to make the choice. The Classic or the Batchel? Which colour? Which colour of embossing? Decisions, decisions. Life is hard.

Yay Friday tomorrow, the perfect day to wear a satchel.

xxx L

August 3, 2011

Hotty Patotty

Holy moly Batman, it is hot. London has been ROASTING this week, making it too hot for working on an office (slash oven), too hot for wearing the majority of my wardrobe, too hot for my brain to work and too hot for wearing shoes. This heatwave has made me realise that I really need to invest in a pair of summery sandals tout suite! I've managed to get by in Londres with ballet flats, brogues and jandals, but these just don't cut it when you want to look glam, yet not overheat.

Soooo I had a wee looksie on ASOS, and found an amazing selection of cheap, cheerful and in same cases, colourful sandals. Thanks ASOS, you're a true gem.

Now the question is...which pair(s) to buy?

These sandals are classic gladiator sandals in my mind - strappy, buckle detailing, ankle support, brown - these would work with pretty much every outfit and would definitely help to get you from A to B.

Pieces Gypsy Leather Ankle Strap Flat Sandals

Whereas these sandals would help to transform you into a Grecian goddess in no time, with the simple strap detailing and the pretty metallic gold colouring. I can envision wearing these at a garden party with a floaty maxi dress and loose wavy hair. I think this pair is one of my faves here, plus they're only £12, what a bargain!

ASOS FINLAY Leather Toe Post Sandals

 I heart the plait detailing on these sandals, such a simple way to spruce up what would otherwise be a pretty basic pair of shoes. Simple, yet stylish. Good work ASOS!

ASOS FOUND Leather Toe Post Plait Flat Sandals

I love the soft colouring of these sandals, as well as the strappy detailing. This colour would go with all outfits, making this a clever choice of sandals to purchase!

ASOS FOXY Leather Gladiator Sandals

Now these ones are slightly different from the others with their thick strap detailing. Maybe not so good for the hottest of hot days, but a great choice for something different to the norm. Loving the zip detailing at the back too!

BC Freckles Strapped Zip Back Flat Sandals

Now these sandals would make me feel like I'd joined the fashion military! The colour, the structured ankle straps and the buckle all make me think that it's time to march on and put my best foot forward!

Oasis Simple Strappy Sandals

Isn't the colour of these just to die? My friend mentioned on Saturday that she thinks I have an obsession with this colour, and I'm begin to think that she's right! I'm in love with yellow at the moment as it's oh so hot right now, yet I struggle to pull it off as it's quite a tricky colour to wear. This would be the perfect way to get yellow into my wardrobe, without looking washed out! I may have to purchase these ce soir!

ASOS Foxy Leather Gladiator Sandals
All images sourced from www.asos.com

I hope you're all loving the weather wherever you are at the moment! I'm dying a little in this heat, but am loving it all the same! It's a good excuse to a- buy some actual summer clothes, b- drink G&Ts with sliced cucumber (my new obsession) and c- have tasty icecream treats!

Happy hump day!

xxx L