December 6, 2010

Alpine Chic

This seems to be my theme for buying clothes at the moment - alpine chic (AC for short). Though I don't live in an alpine area (even though it feels cold enough sometimes), I seem to feel the need to stock up on AC goodies. Maybe I'm preparing myself for visiting my boyfriend in Austria if he gets ski season work, or, maybe I just like pretending I'm a ski bunny...wearing AC clothing, drinking mulled wine, visting Christmas markets, being very fabulous, darrrllling.

So here's my latest AC purchase. I love it. I got mine from a mountain sports store, but I've just seen that you can buy it from ASOS too. ASOS and I clearly think alike! This AC item is so snuggly & soft, it fits perfectly and it's machine washable (how practical)! I've been wearing it around London, protecting my wee ears from the winter chill and I bet it'll look great in Seefeld, Austria if I end up that way these holidays!

 Image Source: Barts Deluxe Winter Faux Fur Headband - www.asos.com

(That model is very Taylor Mosmen isn't she? Or have I just been watching too much GG this week?)

So with this, my gilet and my new H&M snowflake-patterned knee high socks, I'm turning into quite the alpine chic-ess. Now all I need is some slopes and a snowboard! 

Ohhh better run, it's time for an après-ski mulled wine!

xxx L

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