December 21, 2010

All I Want For Christmas Is You

So I lied to you, there's not going to be a post about cruise wear. I was meant to be on a beautiful Caribbean cruise right now, but due to the snowfest that is London, two of my flights were cancelled and all the flights were booked until the last day of my cruise. So I'm stuck in the snow and can't bear the thought of posting about beautiful cruise goods. So you might have to wait until next year for that post sorry.

Instead, I'll do a classic Christmas wish list post! The items that I would LOVE to have at the moment, if someone felt so inclined to gift them to me!

Fashion Fare's version of the Christmas stocking - a beautiful Miu Miu bag. This Matelassé leather bag from the new collection is a classic and would work well with any outfit. I keep spying people on the tube with wee Miu Miu's and I can't help thinking how good one would look on my arm. Santa, are you listening?
Miu Miu 
Image Source: Miu Miu Matelassé Leather Bag - www.net-a-porter.com

The start of the year isn't complete without a brand new, clean & fresh diary. And I'm not talking your boring run of the mill diaries...oh no, I want one from the beautiful Under Cover range. Made from compact recycled leather, these sweeties aren't just green, but they also come in a range of chic colours, fit in your new Miu Miu bag and you can personalise them too! Stationery never looked hotter.

Image Source: Compact Recycled Leather Diary - www.undercoveruk.com

My sunnies recently broke on me, so I'm definitely in need of a new pair. I fell in LOVE with Karen Walker's latest range before I left NZ, and I still can't stop thinking about them. I think it's time that Santa invested in a pair for me!

Image Source: Karen Walker Number One - www.eyegoodies.com

As much as I love my extensive nail polish selection, I feel like it's lacking in a greige colour. The combination of grey and beige is perfect for this time of year, and no-one does this shade better than Chanel. Pop one into my stocking would you dear?

Image Source: Chanel Particulière - www.wow.ie

Prancing around like a reindeer at Christmas is no fun, unless you're wearing some pretty shoes! These sultry suede numbers from Donna Karan are perfect for Christmas festivity! I love the soft tones of these shoes, and the fact that they're wedges means you could dance around all night!

Image Source: Donna Karan Lace-up Suede Wedges -

I hope your sack is big enough for all of these goodies Santa! You're a doll.

Have a great Christmas everyone, wherever you may be!

xxx L

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