October 4, 2010

The Saints Show that White is Right!

Ahhh long time no post, sorry, the stresses of travelling around Europe! Hah! I'm back to reality now though, am currently based in London, looking for a job. So if you know of any vacancies, let me know! But enough about that, let's get down to business! Over the last wee while I've been debating the status of white jeans in the fashion world. Initially my first reaction was, ewww no way! White jeans are so trashy, they go hand-in-hand with VPLs! But then I realised that I was thinking about white PANTS, you know those tight and heinous ones seen on the less classy ladies around town, paired with the clearly visible g-string - ick. So yes, initially the combination of white and pants freaked me out.

But then I started seeing classy people around me wearing gorgeous white jeans, looking oh so chic and French! I spyed some beauties on Regent St and thought, may as well try them on. Just to see. Just to sneak a peak and see if they looked hot. Or not. And they actually looked pretty good! Beautiful quality, skinny leg darlings, from a great store called All Saints. See below for yourself!

Image Source: www.allsaints.com

Asides from an amazing denim range, All Saints has some pretty stunning clothes. What a great find! Plus they have great decor in every store (I may have been in a few now) - here's a pic I snapped when I was in one...

Pretty cool huh? So what are your thoughts on white jeans? I'm interested to hear!

I hope you're all having a fab time wherever you are! And if you're on the job hunt like me, I feel your pain peeps.

xxx L

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