October 14, 2010

Riding My Way Into European Fashion!

Wooaaahhhh.....woooaaahhhh....wwoooaahhhhh there Bessie!

Oh, didn't I tell you? Yeah, I'm a professional horse rider now. How did I become one I hear you ask? Oh, well I just bought a pair of riding breeches from Zara in gay Pareeee and then VOILA! Professional horse rider at your service. Make that professional FRENCH horse rider! I mean, I did buy the pants in France after all! Here they are, the photos don't really do them justice. They're super comfy, are the best length (ankelets are oh so hot right now), they have leather appliques on the inner knees, they're versatile black and they have cute button detailing. Plus they're kinda high waisted...so that's like heaps of hot trends all rolled into one. How economical!

Image Source: www.zara.com

I must have a thing for leather / suede detailing right now, as these pants seem part of the same family as the tights from my last post!

Right must jet, I have to add my new profession to my CV and then I gotta take ol' Bessie out for a canter around my fancy British mansion. Turrah!

xxx L

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