August 6, 2010

Comfortable Companions

Fashion and comfort are sometimes two words which don't sit well together, but I'm going to defy the rules and talk about comfort clothing today. I've had a pretty rough week - with surgery and the passing of one of my most admired family members - so I've been in much need of some comfy items. Let's be honest, some of your most favourite comfy clothes are often ones that you wouldn't be seen dead in outside of your own home - the worn & tatty baggy tee, the much faded pj pants, or the pair of trackies (or greys) that you've had since the '90s. My friends & family often tease me as most of my "comfy" clothing is still pretty modern or trendy. For example, I don't own a pair of trackpants (sorry Courts), instead I have harem pants for mooching around the house in. Below are some of my fave comfort gears which have helped me to get through the week...

My Huffer hoodie - this snuggly darling has got me through many hungover Sundays, quiet Friday nights-in, or sick days on the couch with my SATC dvds. Mine is similar to the one below, but is a beautiful grey marle.

Image Source: www.huffer.co.nz

My harem pants - I found these at a cute boutique in Wanaka and almost didn't buy them. Thank god I did, as they definitely have a low CPW. Perfect for long-haul flights, moving flats (I'll be wearing them for that task this weekend) and recovering from having four wisdom teeth removed.

Image Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

My PJ pants - I love changing into my Peter Alexander feather PJ pants after a hard day at work. It's the perfect way to relax and unwind. Mine are like the ones below but are pink & yellow...like a pretty bird!

My hooded dressing gown - I have two dressing gowns, one fancy and one casual. My fancy one from Kirks is a crisp white (like the ones you get in swanky hotels), so I can only wear it when not eating or wearing makeup. My other one was a gift from a close friend and it is so perfect for lazing about in...hot pink and with a hood, it is so perfect for me. It's similar to the image below, but without the Tinkerbell detailing.

Image Source: www.missimo.com

My slippers - I'm an avid slipper wearer and I wear these 99% of the time when I'm at home. My Peter Alexander ones are so devine, like pretty little gold flats with pink bows, they look dressy while being oh so comfy.

I hope you all had a better week than I did, but if not, I hope you had some comfy classics to get you through.

Have a superb weekend you little monsters.

xxx L

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