June 22, 2010

Revolving My Heart

There are some websites that you stumble upon that grab your attention immediately, enticing you to spend hours perusing the different pages and drooling over the pretty images. Revolve Clothing is one of these sites. I somehow found myself on this site today and now I can't concentrate on anything else. While looking for items for my next post (which you'll see soon), I saw this picture under the Accessories tab and instantly fell in love. I want to look just like this girl! I love the clever combination of the clothing that she's wearing - my friends and I agreed that we want to dry hump every item she has on! In particular the shoes, the belt and the hair (both style and colour). Personally, I'm infatuated with the belt - pity I can't afford US$136 for a belt, even with free shipping. Sigh. Luckily dreams are free.

Enter this site at your peril - I'm not responsible for any crazy lusting or hysterical notions that you may have while visiting it!

xxx L

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