June 8, 2010

Password Please...

So in the long weekend I stumbled over a great find in Greytown - a charming boutique store called password please... I'm used to the standard fancy-pants, slightly older target market stores in this town, so when I spotted this beauty I was very excite! The store is set out really well, with funky clothes for guys and gals, beautiful scarves, amazing satchels, GG-esque headbands and pretty cushions. I got a pretty pink silk scarf with dove grey polka dots, but wanted to buy so much more! I can't wait to visit it again next time I'm on Main St!

Here are some pics from the store...

Ohh baby I love that rose jersey!

The owner of the store (Rosie?) was so sweet and great to chat to, so you should definitely pay her and the store a visit!

Nice one!

xxx L

1 comment:

  1. Hey Lauren!

    Thanks your blog, means a lot especially as I have just opened over the weekend, its great to hear such positive feedback.

    Look forward to seeing you again soon!