June 24, 2010

Hit the Road Jack!

Ooohhh feel that chill and hear that tap tap tap of that slanting rain on your windows? Yep, winter is definitely here. And with the shortest day just behind us, it’s time to discuss one of winter’s key saviours – the humble scarf! The scarf is like a supportive friend – protecting our vulnerable necks from the cold spindly fingers of Jack Frost. Brrr…stay away Jack! I own many varieties of scarves and recently had to offload some to my sister as my scarf drawer was overflowing! Personally, I feel that you do need a variety of scarves for different occasions & forecasts, and hopefully I’ve covered enough options to tickle your fancy.

There’s nothing better than walking out into icy conditions while wearing a snuggly protective shield around your neck. Big and chunky scarves are a must-have during any winter. Words like cable-knit, cashmere and wool spring to mind when thinking about the cosier, more functional scarves out there. These three options below all make me warm by just looking at them! Yummy! I love the soft pastel tones of the Sportsgirl scarf, while the Marcs option looks like it would be the most comfortable thing ever. The Country Road scarf would go with many outfits and could even be worn by both you and your boyfriend – so versatile!

Image Source: Crochet Knitted Scarf - http://www.sportsgirl.com.au/

Image Source: Cable Knit Scarf - http://www.marcs.com.au/

Image Source: Charcoal Marle Twisted Chunky Scarf - www.countryroad.com.au

Winter is generally filled with grey skies, moody clouds and gloomy horizons, so what better way to brighten up these days than with a colourful scarf! Akin to wearing bright colours on your nails during a dark & dull day, colourful scarves help to bring that pop of colour and life into an otherwise dreary season. Especially when your winter wardrobe tends to consist of black or dark coloured clothing, it’s not hard to work these bright beauties into your outfits! These two scarves from Tolani are the perfect winter options; they’d look stunning with your black duffle jacket plus they’d help you to stand out in a monochromatic crowd. I like the different ways that these scarves are tied too – loving the variety! Those of you with a sharp eye will recognise the model too!

Image Source: Tolani Boxed Wave Scarf - http://www.revolveclothing.com/

Image Source: Tolani Ridge Scarf -http://www.revolveclothing.com/

Looped scarves are becoming more and more common in stores – so handy for those who are prone to losing things, these babies would never deviously slip away from your neck. Perfect also for those of us who live in blustery areas, these scarves won’t be escaping on a gust of wind anytime soon! I love the way that you can easily change the look of these scarves without having to take them off – pull it a little down here and you have a long scarf….even up the lengths there and you have two scarf coils! This shopbop scarf is even made of cashmere, so it’d be stable AND soft as a kitten. Perfect!

Image Source: Lacey Knit Tube Scarf - http://www.shopbop.com/

Image Source: Winter Endless Scarf - http://www.witchery.com.au/

Don’t know what a snood is? I bet you do but you don’t even realise…yes, you’re THAT clever. A snood is a combination of a scarf and a hood and is loved by many worldwide! Great for wearing with hoodless jacket, you can use your snood for both warmth and protection from the splatters of a light wintery shower. Plus you’ll look super cool too. I love it how these two snoods below are so different but they’d both work well with many outfits. Clever designs there.


Image Source: Susanne Guldager Knot Hood Scarf - http://www.pixiemarket.com/ com

Image Source: Burberry Check-Print Wool Snood - http://www.net-a-porter.com/

So no matter which type of scarf you own, make sure it helps to keep you warm this winter, as those icy chills down the back of the neck are never ideal!

Happy winter darlings.

xxx L

P.S – I purchased a Huffer puffer recently and I absolutely love it! So snuggly and amazing! Why didn’t I buy one earlier???

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