June 2, 2010

Coat-a Rica!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, it has been a busy fortnight! Last week I was in Queenstown and while I was there I managed to do some research for this post! Winter is officially here and you know what that means – cold…rain…southerlies…boo. But from an optimistic fashionista’s point of view this means new coats – trench…duffle…puffer…yay! Below are some must-have coats for this season! Yippee! Something to look forward to!

A classic coat throughout all seasons is the trench – it can be lightweight or heavy, it can be worn in both corporate and casual environments, and it’s so flattering! My favourite trench coats come from Karen Walker & Burberry. These two brands know how to make this classic coat both modern and simple. My ideal trench coat has these features – tan material, lapels, a classic belt, cuff detailing on the wrists, a v-neck and it must sit just above the knee. Perfect!

Image Source: Karen Walker Trench Coat - www.karenwalker.com

Another staple is the duffle coat; more casual than the trench but no less important. The duffle coat is the perfect friend to get you from A to B on those icily cold and wet days. It’s only the start of winter and my tailor-made duffle coat has been used on numerous occasions. Warm, snug, stylish and practical, a duffle coat will get you places! This version from Witchery is ideal – with pockets and a hood, what else does this baby need?

Image Source: Witchery Toggle Jacket - www.witchery.com.au

The precious puffer jacket…I had one of these puppies in Queenstown and I was so happy that I did. Imagine being in the coldest weather ever, with chilly winds trying to sneak under your many winter layers and icy drops off rain harassing you from above, while you walk by in bliss, feeling amazingly content and comfortable - this is what it is like to wear a puffer. Like a big sleeping bag in the form of a jacket, puffers are made from down & feathers and are a lifesaver in cold climates. I’m looking at upgrading to a Huffer puffer this winter as they’re one of the best on the market - with a hood, trendy detailing and 100% down features. Mmm makes me warm just thinking about one!

Image Source: Huffer Puffer - www.huffer.co.nz

The cape is holding quite a powerful position in the fashion world at the moment and they’re so easy to find in stores around town. This Ruby Angels Coat is a pretty popular one as I’ve seen many people wearing this while I’ve been out and about. In three great styles – black and white spots, pink and dove grey, it’s no wonder that this coat is such a hit! Capetastic!

Image Source: Ruby Angels Coat - www.rubynz.com

Not one to shy away from non-monochromatic clothing, I think that a coloured jacket is a must! Even a patterned (read: non-black) jacket is handy. Sometimes you need something to brighten up your day (and the day of those around you). I’m wearing lilac-coloured tights today for that very reason! This jacket below from Twenty-Seven Names isn’t so wildy bright that you need sunnies to look at it, but it will add just a touch of colour and je ne sais quoi to your life. Plus this coat is a blazer, which is oh so hot right now! C’est magnifique!

Image Source: Twenty-Seven Names Linen Patti Blazer - www.maximillia.com

Ok so this jacket isn’t really a staple or a must-have, but it’s fun and it’s my blog and I can put whatever I want in (plus I can cry if I want to). Cry with joy maybe because this jacket is so CUTE! I’m going through quite a phase at the moment…I have a big crush on velvet. It looks so different, feels so amazing and I found so many items made from velvet in Lara Parker the other day, that I’m sure it’s the next big thing. This jacket is very feminine and the colour is so in right now…how can you not love this coat? Sigh.

Image Source: Shape Shiftr Velvet Jacket - www.pixiemarket.com

So there you have it, no need to fret about winter, but there is a need to get excited about coats! Yay, shopping! I'm heading over to a chic vineyard town for the long weekend...now which coats should I take?

Enjoy the second day of winter everyone!

xxx L

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