May 5, 2010

Trelise, You Tease!

On Sunday I was lucky enough to be one of the few Wellingtonians who got to attend a talk by renowned fashion designer Trelise Cooper. Not knowing what to expect, I was blown away by her experience, history, advice and overall personality. Trelise sure knows her stuff. She talked to us about how she started in the industry, right up to how she became one of the top fashion powerhouses in New Zealand. The undertone of her talk was about how you can achieve anything that you put your mind to (this lady has DEFINITELY read The Secret)! So motivating for those of us who’d love to work in this industry. Thanks for the words of wisdom TC.

Looking over her 2010 collections, I realised why she is such a staple in NZ fashion. Look at these shapes, materials and designs, so unique and amazing! Here are some of my faves from her three different brands.

This lot is from the Trelise Winter ’10 Collection. I love the mixture of bright colours and patterns, with black pieces. Famous for her use of colour, Trelise did point out that she’d used more black than normal in her 2010 collections. I especially love the headpiece detailing (where can I pick myself up one of these?), the Philadelphia 'Boot Slicker' Pant and the Plymouth 'Metal As Anything' Dress. I’d like those delivered to my wardrobe please!

Silverspoon Jacket, Philadelphia 'Rosalind' Top & Philadelphia 'Boot Slicker' Pant

Rennes 'Scarlet Fever' Jacket

Oregon 'Chocolate Box' Jacket & Rotterdam 'Twisty Time' Dress

Plymouth 'Metal as Anything' Dress

This next lot is from the Cooper Winter Collection ’10, which to me seems to be the younger and edgier range. This is probably why I liked this collection more – as I’m so young and edgy haha hoho hehe. My favourite elements here include the bow detailing, the vibrant yellow, the white tights and I adore everything about the last outfit. For those of you who may be interested, Trelise was wearing the Grandoise 'Velvet Revolve Her' Dress with some hot knee-length black leather heeled boots on Sunday.

Rosi 'Hide & Seek' Jacket, Anarchy 'Shimmy Hendrix' Vest, Spandau 'Sleevie Hollows' Top & Disco Ball 'Sequin is Believin' Skirt

Grandoise 'Velvet Revolve Her' Dress

Forget Me Knot 'Bows and Whistles' Top & Botanical 'Salt Shake Her' Skirt

Forget Me Knot 'Bows and Whistles' Top & Botanical 'Salt Shake Her' Skirt

The next lot of pictures are purely for the cuteness factor, as they’re from the Trelise Cooper Kids Collection ’10. SO ADORABLE! Why don’t adults wear more colours, patterns, bows, headbands, sweet tights and poofy skirts? The world would be a much prettier place if they did. If you haven’t been to the flagship Trelise Cooper Kids store in Auckland, you should go. Located in Newmarket, it’s the best place to go to escape the real world and step into fairytale land. You don’t even need a kid on your arm as an excuse – trust me, it’s worth it.

Model on Left: Pony Club 'Button Chops' Jacket & Handstand 'Mocking Bird' Skirt
Model in Middle: Tee Time 'Cupie Doll' Top & Pirouette 'Swiry Sue' Skirt
Model on Right: Princess 'Diddle Diddle Dumpling' Dress & Angelica 'Guardian Angel' Jacket
Model on Left: Cocoture 'Frilly Molly Mandy' Jacket
Model on Right: Rosebud 'Majory Daw' Dress

Model on Left: Chicken Little 'Henny Penny' Top & Barley Sugar 'Cookie Time' Dress
Model on Right: Debutante 'Frock Star' Dress

Image Source for all Images: www.trelisecooper.com

Have you noticed how talented Trelise is with her witty garment names? It’s like OPI names for fashion, amazing! She has a real gift.

Happy Australian Fashion Week everyone!

xxx L

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