May 13, 2010


Ohhh look at these pretty numbers that I just found (thanks to a wee Nylon email)! Keds make stellar shoes that are loved by many - the most popular style is the white canvas shoes (which are oh-so-comfy)! Mischa Barton was the face of Keds for a while (and may still be?) which makes me like this brand even more, as I may have a girl-crush on Miss Barton.

But now, Keds are even better! They've partnered up with Alice & Olivia to create the best shoes in the world - FACT! See below for this amazing creation...

Image Source: www.nylonmag.com

I especially love the nude and black versions. Get me a pair of these STAT!

I hope your Friday Eve is going well!

xxx L


  1. Loving the blog Miss L! Ohhh Keds, you make my feet smile. How about one on delicious scarfs? x

  2. I sooo want the nudies!!!!