May 14, 2010

Hand Me That Bag Honey!

Today, a good friend of mine, Little J, asked me for some advice on handbags and I thought that I may as well share my thoughts with you all. Gone are the days of the super large handbags, you know the ones, the bags that you can pretty much fit your kitchen sink into. These bags are a killer! So sore for your poor shoulder and so unnecessarily large. I find that the more space you have, the more you pack into it - it's like when you are packing for a trip away. One of my friends has the most chronic case of overpacking, once we went away for an overnight trip (literally only one night away) and she packed full a MASSIVE suitcase which almost didn't fit into our teeny car. Yes, I'm talking to you Miss R.

Gone are the days where your bag is covered with more adornings than you are. No bag needs that many studs, buckles, chains or hanging bits in general. It's TOO much! A couple of studs here and there are ok, but jesus lady, your heavily-studded bag could poke my eye out! As they say, all in moderation.

I'm really loving the neutral tones at the moment - peach, ivory, stone, dove grey, fawn; they tie in really well with the current clothing colour trends this season. Clearly, you also can't go past a classic black bag and I'm loving mustard bags at the moment...don't ask me why!

This first bag is a beauty from Witchery and I feel like my friend CJ owns this in the mocca colour. It's gorgeous and as soft as anything. It's called the Miranda Hobo Bag, although I doubt very much that Miranda would look like a hobo with this baby on her arm!

Image Source: Miranda Hobo Bag (Floral) - www.witchery.com.au

The next bag is so shiny and patent, sultry even! This too has a great name, it's called the Cutsie Satchel! HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?!!! I want it just for the name, I'm not going to lie to you all.

Image Source: Cutsie Satchel - www.ninewest.com

The next three bags are from a great store that I found at the DFO in Melbourne when I was last there - Kate Hill. The first is the Kelsie Cross Body Bag, which has the most beautiful colour and shell-like detailing. This would go with almost every outfit which is a major plus!

 I just adore the colour of this next bag! So mustard-y and yummy, mmm would look so good at a sausage sizzle! The Leather Bethany Shoulder Bag has great pockets & compartments, and the fabric looks like it'd be really comfortable.

The final bag is the Anya Tote. A classic style with some modern tie detailing, plus the colour is so superb. This was Little J's favourite bag out of the lot, so hopefully it'll at Kate Hill in Melbourne when she's there! Good luck hooch! I may give you an order for me while you're there, hehe!
Image Source: Kelsie Cross Body Bag, Leather Bethany Shoulder Bag & Anya Tote - www.katehill.com.au

Ahhh you can never have too many bags. Or too many shoes. Or too many diamonds....It's fun to be a girl!

I hope you have a fun weekend planned!

xxx L

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  1. bahahahahhaha this is the BEST blog yet!
    Love it little L - such great advice, pop your Melbourne order in, as you say, you can NEVER have too many bags....
    X O X O