April 23, 2010

Sock it to Me Sister!

Those innocent little socks in your drawer are making a move...they’re snuggling up with your shoes...and not just one pair either! They want to befriend your brogues, hang out with your heels, bond with your boots and flirt with your flats! What slutty little socks you have! Socks are making a big comeback at the moment, flaunting themselves for all to see after spending years hiding out of sight. Some are embracing this new sock movement (Get out there wee sockies! Enjoy yourselves!), while others are still a little apprehensive of the power of socks. I’ve been trying this look for the past month and I quite like it! It’s so easy (and cheap) to do, plus it keeps your tootsies oh-so-warm during these colder months. Fellow fashionistas have smiled and nodded at my showy socks, while other people have been puzzled, not quite understanding the whole sock trend.

Here are some ideas of ways that you can wear your socks from fellow bloggers and fashion sites alike. Grey tends to be the most favoured colour, while diamond & stripey socks are also quite popular (as modelled by the beautiful Ngahuia here).

Image Source: Fashion Quarterly Shoot (Jockey Socks) – www.model.net.nz

Image Source: Karen Walker Striped Socks – www.maximillia.com

Image Source: www.garancedore.com/fr

Miss Sparkling Wilderness wears wee lace socks (like the ASOS ones below) and they look so very very cute on her! Tres school-girl chic!

Image Source: ASOS Pelerine Lace Frill Ankle Socks – www.asos.com

Image Source: Tokyo Shot – www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

Those of you who are slightly fancier may want to try the La Perla Ballet Ribbon Mini Socks – this look is quite sexual and demure at the same time.

Image Source: La Perla Ballet Ribbon Mini Sock - http://www.asos.com/

Or you can crank-up the height of the socks if the weather is cool and you’re sick of wearing pants / tights. We’ve all been there!

Image Source: Ruched with Love Socks (Heather) – www.shopnastygal.com

Image Source: www.garancedore.com/fr

And it’s not just women that can have fun with this trend, men can also enjoy the fruits of the sock style! I LOVE what this guy has done below, such a subtle emphasis on the socks. All class.

Image Source: I Love London Socks - www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

Have fun with your socks, you may be surprised as to how much you’ll enjoy this trend! It’s a sock revolution people!

Have a fabulous weekend!

xxx L

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