March 31, 2010


Ohhh yummy! My dear friend little J just sent me a link to the BoBoots website and it's getting me super excited about winter! BoBoots have all the comfort and snugglyness of ugg boots, but without the trashy stereotype (Pammy Anderson anyone)! BoBoots are lined with sheepskin, they have a leather exterior & a rubber sole, and they're oh so delicious! I can picture wearing these after a fun day up the slopes, while drinking a hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire - ideally at the Cardrona Hotel. Heaven. Below are my picks of the best BoBoots.

Image Source: Snowflake Boots (Light), Duffle Boots Short (Chestnut), Boarder Boots Tall (Grey) & Puss N Boots (Black) - www.boboots.com

Mmm I feel so warm and cuddly just looking at these! I can't wait to get my own pair. This is actually making me look forward to the cold season that is rapidly approaching!

Hope you're all enjoying your faux Friday!

xxx L

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