April 29, 2010

Put a Little Love in My Glove Box!

As the leaves fall from the trees, as the skies turn dark before you’ve left work and as you start to realise that one layer of clothing isn’t enough, it dawns on you...autumn has arrived. And you know what that means – it’s time for layers and warm accessories baby! I’ve been dreaming of some accessories in particular – ol’ glovey mcgloves. I’m not glove-ist either; I adore gloves of all fabrics, lengths, colours and styles. You could say that I’m a bit of a glove slut. My current glove collection is very grim and when I win Lotto or marry a rich husband, I’m going to have a whole cornucopia of gloves. Leather ones, long ones, fingerless ones and I’ll probably own them in every colour of the rainbow. Plus I’ll definitely buy all of the ones below. A glove-filled life for me!

Suede is so hot right now, it’s pretty much the new leather. No offence leather. These CR sweeties are just so delightful! I can imagine wearing them with a gorgeous cream jacket which has cropped sleeves, or with a dressy cape. Hot hot hot. These gloves are both elegant and practical, I love multi-functional items.

Image Source: Country Road Zinc Long Suede Gloves – www.countryroad.com.au

These biker beauties are rocking, Marcs sure know how to make some hot gloves! These would be perfect for a saunter around town, while popping into the trendiest cafes and stores. I love the detailing on these, they’d be very breathable and comfy. Nice!

Image Source: Marcs Fingerless Biker Gloves – www.marcs.com.au

These too look very comfortable! The tassels and suede make them quite casual, while the stud detailing dresses them up. Because of this, they’d work well with most outfits. Stunning as always DVF!

Image Source: Diane von Furstenberg Studded Gloves – www.shopbop.com

In-line with the lace trend at the moment, these ASOS gloves are so feminine and sexy. I’d wear them while out at high tea or while on a romantic date. Ohh imagine being gifted them while at high tea with your lover! IDEAL! M, my dear, you reading this?

Image Source: ASOS Lace Gloves – www.asos.com

Now for all of you scarfies out there, these are for you. Perfect for rushing to and from lectures, lazing about in the flat and relaxing with your buds. Comfy, colourful and unisex too! You could buy these for your man and then borrow them from time to time. Hehehe.

Image Source: Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Gloves – www.store.americanapparel.com.au

It’s autumn, you’re cold, but you’re not frozen. You want something warm and snuggly, but not something that’ll leave you all flustered and hot. These cable knit gloves are the answer! Warm and cosy, while being breathable and fresh. My my Supre, aren’t you impressive! And your model is FIERCE! She’s learnt a thing or two from Tyra that’s for sure.

Image Source: Supre Cable Knit Gloves – www.supre.com.au

Whatever option you go for, all gloves can spruce up or add a little something extra to your outfit. Have fun with these treats my friends!

 Have a divine weekend!

 xxx L


  1. Love my lace gloves under my black leather jacket sleeves ;) PS. and LOVE the blog x

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