April 8, 2010

It's All About Timing...

There's been a changing trend in the watch scene and I like it! There are three major trends that I've noticed:
  1. Women are leaning towards more masculine watches
  2. Watches are being made in colours that POP
  3. Watches & diamonds = HOT!
Watches have long been promoted by celebrities, movies and even political figures (Obama wears a Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chrono watch). Watches are becoming more and more of a status item too, like it or not, people may be judging you on your watch.

Image Source: Obama - www.guardian.co.uk

Here's a hot selection of watches that I found while perusing & day dreaming about my ideal watch. This watch from ASOS is so nice and it has a lot of features that I love. An easily-readable face, black and gold features, plus it looks prrreeettttyyyy! I'd love this even more if it had only one strap too.

Image Source: ASOS Double Strap Watch with Square Face - www.asos.com

As I said above, bling is big in watches. These watches from Rolex and Omega both have diamond detailing without being too showy. I like the strap on this Rolex one, so elegant and refined. The Omega watch is my favourite pick of the bunch. I love the androgynous nature of it - large & masculine in size with feminine detailing. The leather strap is super hot too. Plus, Omega is the watch of choice for James Bond, that's reason enough to love it! M, you buy for me? Yes, thankings.

Image Source: Rolex Datejust Lady 31mm - www.rolex.com

Image Source: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean - www.omegawatches.com

Surprisingly, the watch below is actually a female watch. Nixon makes some nice watches - lots of my guy mates are big fans and judging by the one below, their female versions aren't too shabby either. I'm loving the thick strap and glossy black styling. Garcon chic indeed my friends!

Image Source: Nixon The Small Ticket Watch - www.nixonnow.com

If black, gold and silver watches aren't your thing, then these puppies below are for you. Fun, bright and playful, these watches will brighten up any grey day! Yay!!! This Timex one is so cute, in 80s pink and digital, it is so fresh and young. I love the New Look one too, it reminds me of Where's Wally, mainly because of the colour scheme! Although this wouldn't be as hard to find as old sneaky Wally.

Image Source: Timex 80s Pink Indiglo Watch - www.my-wardrobe.com

Image Source: Stripe Dial Watch - www.newlook.com

Bet you're now wanting a new watch aren't ya? Me too, but with this selection above, there's plenty to choose from. Have fun shopping!

xxx L

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