April 29, 2010

Put a Little Love in My Glove Box!

As the leaves fall from the trees, as the skies turn dark before you’ve left work and as you start to realise that one layer of clothing isn’t enough, it dawns on you...autumn has arrived. And you know what that means – it’s time for layers and warm accessories baby! I’ve been dreaming of some accessories in particular – ol’ glovey mcgloves. I’m not glove-ist either; I adore gloves of all fabrics, lengths, colours and styles. You could say that I’m a bit of a glove slut. My current glove collection is very grim and when I win Lotto or marry a rich husband, I’m going to have a whole cornucopia of gloves. Leather ones, long ones, fingerless ones and I’ll probably own them in every colour of the rainbow. Plus I’ll definitely buy all of the ones below. A glove-filled life for me!

Suede is so hot right now, it’s pretty much the new leather. No offence leather. These CR sweeties are just so delightful! I can imagine wearing them with a gorgeous cream jacket which has cropped sleeves, or with a dressy cape. Hot hot hot. These gloves are both elegant and practical, I love multi-functional items.

Image Source: Country Road Zinc Long Suede Gloves – www.countryroad.com.au

These biker beauties are rocking, Marcs sure know how to make some hot gloves! These would be perfect for a saunter around town, while popping into the trendiest cafes and stores. I love the detailing on these, they’d be very breathable and comfy. Nice!

Image Source: Marcs Fingerless Biker Gloves – www.marcs.com.au

These too look very comfortable! The tassels and suede make them quite casual, while the stud detailing dresses them up. Because of this, they’d work well with most outfits. Stunning as always DVF!

Image Source: Diane von Furstenberg Studded Gloves – www.shopbop.com

In-line with the lace trend at the moment, these ASOS gloves are so feminine and sexy. I’d wear them while out at high tea or while on a romantic date. Ohh imagine being gifted them while at high tea with your lover! IDEAL! M, my dear, you reading this?

Image Source: ASOS Lace Gloves – www.asos.com

Now for all of you scarfies out there, these are for you. Perfect for rushing to and from lectures, lazing about in the flat and relaxing with your buds. Comfy, colourful and unisex too! You could buy these for your man and then borrow them from time to time. Hehehe.

Image Source: Unisex Acrylic Fingerless Gloves – www.store.americanapparel.com.au

It’s autumn, you’re cold, but you’re not frozen. You want something warm and snuggly, but not something that’ll leave you all flustered and hot. These cable knit gloves are the answer! Warm and cosy, while being breathable and fresh. My my Supre, aren’t you impressive! And your model is FIERCE! She’s learnt a thing or two from Tyra that’s for sure.

Image Source: Supre Cable Knit Gloves – www.supre.com.au

Whatever option you go for, all gloves can spruce up or add a little something extra to your outfit. Have fun with these treats my friends!

 Have a divine weekend!

 xxx L

April 23, 2010

Sock it to Me Sister!

Those innocent little socks in your drawer are making a move...they’re snuggling up with your shoes...and not just one pair either! They want to befriend your brogues, hang out with your heels, bond with your boots and flirt with your flats! What slutty little socks you have! Socks are making a big comeback at the moment, flaunting themselves for all to see after spending years hiding out of sight. Some are embracing this new sock movement (Get out there wee sockies! Enjoy yourselves!), while others are still a little apprehensive of the power of socks. I’ve been trying this look for the past month and I quite like it! It’s so easy (and cheap) to do, plus it keeps your tootsies oh-so-warm during these colder months. Fellow fashionistas have smiled and nodded at my showy socks, while other people have been puzzled, not quite understanding the whole sock trend.

Here are some ideas of ways that you can wear your socks from fellow bloggers and fashion sites alike. Grey tends to be the most favoured colour, while diamond & stripey socks are also quite popular (as modelled by the beautiful Ngahuia here).

Image Source: Fashion Quarterly Shoot (Jockey Socks) – www.model.net.nz

Image Source: Karen Walker Striped Socks – www.maximillia.com

Image Source: www.garancedore.com/fr

Miss Sparkling Wilderness wears wee lace socks (like the ASOS ones below) and they look so very very cute on her! Tres school-girl chic!

Image Source: ASOS Pelerine Lace Frill Ankle Socks – www.asos.com

Image Source: Tokyo Shot – www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

Those of you who are slightly fancier may want to try the La Perla Ballet Ribbon Mini Socks – this look is quite sexual and demure at the same time.

Image Source: La Perla Ballet Ribbon Mini Sock - http://www.asos.com/

Or you can crank-up the height of the socks if the weather is cool and you’re sick of wearing pants / tights. We’ve all been there!

Image Source: Ruched with Love Socks (Heather) – www.shopnastygal.com

Image Source: www.garancedore.com/fr

And it’s not just women that can have fun with this trend, men can also enjoy the fruits of the sock style! I LOVE what this guy has done below, such a subtle emphasis on the socks. All class.

Image Source: I Love London Socks - www.thesartorialist.blogspot.com

Have fun with your socks, you may be surprised as to how much you’ll enjoy this trend! It’s a sock revolution people!

Have a fabulous weekend!

xxx L

April 15, 2010


There’s a hot new colour that is overtaking others as the colour of the moment, and it’s a colour that I’ve never thought that much about. Ollll’ khaki face. Khaki has connotations with the military, men, the earth and strength – and what better way to show your inner strength, or just your superb sense of fashion, than with this easy-to-wear colour. Because of these connotations you could amp up the strong look by pairing khaki with leather, studs or structured clothing, or, you could go the opposite way, wearing it with feminine items such as flowing dresses, hot pink or floral clothes. One of my favourite bloggers, Garance Dore, recently did a great shoot which focused on this khaki trend – see some shots from her blog below. (Check out the amazing watch, the hot pink and the earthy makeup - sublime).

Image Source: www.garancedore.fr/

Below is a little montage of khaki treats. As you can see, there’s such a large variety of ways that you can wear khaki – you can see feminine, street, dressy, weekender and glam looks here. I personally wouldn’t wear more than one khaki item at a time, but that’s just me. I’m loving the See by Chloe Sing Along Weekender Bag, this precious would suit any kind of weekend away – a weekend in the country, a trip away with the girls, a festival, a lovers’ escape...so many options! These Nude Franky boots are to DIE for! I love the length, the material and the buckle – perfect for rushing around the city on a busy day. Busy busy busy! Khaki khaki khaki! The whole outfit in this Burberry picture is just stunning – the belt over the jacket, the hot hot hot heels and the gorgeous white jeans – I’d love to be able to rock this look on a daily basis...must brave the white jeans first! All of the items below are gorgeous, if only they were all sitting in my wardrobe / makeup bag!

Image Source (clockwise left to right): Nanette Lepore Overboard Dress – http://www.shopbop.com/, Rose Pant – http://www.moochi.co.nz/, Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow OPI – http://www.opi.com/, Gloria Dress – http://www.rubynz.com/, Mods Coat – http://www.twentysevennames.co.nz/, Murano Les 4 Ombres de Chanel – http://www.chanel.com/, Leather Glove – http://www.4leathergloves.co.uk/, Utility Trousers – http://www.asos.com/, Nude Franky Boots – http://www.ultrashoes.co.nz/, Ruched Zip Front Jacket – http://www.uk.burberry.com/, See by Chloe Sing Along Weekender Bag - http://www.shopbop.com/, Olive Washed Cotton Parka – http://www.countryroad.com.au/, One Teaspoon Cuffed Military Shorts – http://www.asos.com/, & NARS Earth Angel Duo Eyeshadow – http://www.narscosmetics.com/.

Whatever way you choose to wear khaki, make sure you wear it with flair and confidence! My favourite look is to pair it with pink – the colours are so opposite from one another, that they just work so well together! I purchased some khaki flats yesterday, I can’t wait to crank them out! Yay!

Have a fun Friday my khaki feathered friends!

xxx L

April 8, 2010

It's All About Timing...

There's been a changing trend in the watch scene and I like it! There are three major trends that I've noticed:
  1. Women are leaning towards more masculine watches
  2. Watches are being made in colours that POP
  3. Watches & diamonds = HOT!
Watches have long been promoted by celebrities, movies and even political figures (Obama wears a Jorg Gray 6500 Series Chrono watch). Watches are becoming more and more of a status item too, like it or not, people may be judging you on your watch.

Image Source: Obama - www.guardian.co.uk

Here's a hot selection of watches that I found while perusing & day dreaming about my ideal watch. This watch from ASOS is so nice and it has a lot of features that I love. An easily-readable face, black and gold features, plus it looks prrreeettttyyyy! I'd love this even more if it had only one strap too.

Image Source: ASOS Double Strap Watch with Square Face - www.asos.com

As I said above, bling is big in watches. These watches from Rolex and Omega both have diamond detailing without being too showy. I like the strap on this Rolex one, so elegant and refined. The Omega watch is my favourite pick of the bunch. I love the androgynous nature of it - large & masculine in size with feminine detailing. The leather strap is super hot too. Plus, Omega is the watch of choice for James Bond, that's reason enough to love it! M, you buy for me? Yes, thankings.

Image Source: Rolex Datejust Lady 31mm - www.rolex.com

Image Source: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean - www.omegawatches.com

Surprisingly, the watch below is actually a female watch. Nixon makes some nice watches - lots of my guy mates are big fans and judging by the one below, their female versions aren't too shabby either. I'm loving the thick strap and glossy black styling. Garcon chic indeed my friends!

Image Source: Nixon The Small Ticket Watch - www.nixonnow.com

If black, gold and silver watches aren't your thing, then these puppies below are for you. Fun, bright and playful, these watches will brighten up any grey day! Yay!!! This Timex one is so cute, in 80s pink and digital, it is so fresh and young. I love the New Look one too, it reminds me of Where's Wally, mainly because of the colour scheme! Although this wouldn't be as hard to find as old sneaky Wally.

Image Source: Timex 80s Pink Indiglo Watch - www.my-wardrobe.com

Image Source: Stripe Dial Watch - www.newlook.com

Bet you're now wanting a new watch aren't ya? Me too, but with this selection above, there's plenty to choose from. Have fun shopping!

xxx L