March 8, 2010

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in Her Shoe

I feel like the story about the old woman is one which is describing my potential future. Not ideal future, but potential. My mum has always teased me about owning so many shoes, but in my opinion you can never have too many. Every girl needs to own at LEAST one pair of the following: boots, heels, casual shoes (i.e. Keds), running shoes, jandals, flats and slippers, so that’s already seven pairs right there! Plus a girl needs different shoes for different moods – variety is the spice of life darlings!

There are sooo many stunning shoes around for autumn and below is just a teeny tiny percentage of what is available right now. I’m especially loving the boots at the moment, so much variety in height and styles! You can see this below from the flat ankle boots by both Chaos and Harmony & Mimco, to the heeled Nude boots and the beautiful over-the-knee Witchery boots. Stunning.

I’ve got a big thing for brogues at the moment too – I’m lusting over the Lilli Mill 5100s (cute name!) and I love the popping cherry colour of the Soles brogues. Maybe it’s because they fit into the garçon chic trend!

I’m a big fan of floral as you know and with these Rubi canvas shoes costing only $20, what’s not to love?

I’m also a massive promoter of big heels (you won’t find any miniscule kitten heels in my wardrobe) so I love the heights of these Witchery and Tony Bianco heels. The Witchery ones are so pretty and elegant, while the Tony Bianco ones are perfect for both work AND play. Bargain! You’re pretty much getting two shoes for the price of one! Just think about the CPW*!

Image Source (clockwise from top left): Chaos and Harmony Workington Boot – www.ultrashoes.co.nz, Tony Bianco Karr – www.royalt.co.nz, Rubi Shoes Jade Plimsols (White Floral) – www.cottonon.com.au, Mimco Lady Wilderness – www.mimco.com.au, Nude Silver Boot – www.ultrashoes.co.nz, Ella Over The Knee Boot – www.witchery.com.au, Soles Coconut Brogue – www.ultrashoes.co.nz, Mimco Thumberlina Cane Ballet – www.mimco.com.au, Lilli Mill 5100 – www.shoezies.co.nz & Tess Rouched High Heel – www.witchery.com.au

Enjoy lusting over these pretties! I can’t keep my eyes off shoes at the moment!

Have a good day!

xxx L

*CPW = Cost Per Wear. If you didn’t know this acronym already it will change your life, such a good way to justify purchases to yourself (and others)!!!

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