March 30, 2010

Off With Her Head!!!

I went to Alice in Wonderland on Friday and absolutely loved all of the clothes in the movie. The story was great too, don't get me wrong, but it was the fashion that made me want to see the film again! Alice had the most amazing clothes, which cleverly changed as she grew and shrunk throughout the movie. She primarily wore beautiful dresses which had bows, ruffles, ties and voluminous layers of material. They all managed to seem whimsical and fantasy-like at the same time. Blue was a common theme with Alice, as was her big beautiful mane of curls (I like). See some pictures below...

Image Source: Alice - www.imdb.com

The other characters also had amazing clothing - as you can see below. A big feature that I noticed in the film was the presence of outrageously-large bow ties (like the Mad Hatters). I love the Red Queen's boots and I also love how the White Queen looks so innocent and somewhat dark at the same time...that's a tricky thing to pull off and I like it.

Image Source: Mad Hatter, The Red Queen & The White Queen - www.imdb.com

Fashionistas all over the world are picking up on this Wonderland trend, with Alice-themed accessories, clothing and fashion spreads in magazines. I love the emphasis on big & little items (big bows, small crockery), corporate attire, outrageous hats, wee gloves and glam dresses!

Image Source: www.styleamor.com

Image Source: www.zoozoom.com

I might have to incorporate a wee bit of Alice into my own wardrobe - maybe I'll stick with beautiful layered dresses before I try out the massive top hat trend!

Have a good Easter everyone!

xxx L

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