March 25, 2010

Don't Shoot the Messenger!

There are some days when you open up your letterbox and a sweet sweet surprise awaits you. This happened to me the other day, when a shining, glossy, brand new Peter Alexander catalogue was staring up at me from the letterbox. Now I know I've blogged about PA before, but I had to mention this brand again. I am in LOVE with everything in this winter catalogue - as are my team at work (hehe sorry guys)! I'm just going to mention my favourite item, plus a few others, today.

Lately, I've been idolising celebrities and cool kids alike for their hot leather biker gloves. The ones that are fingerless, with studs, cute holes and funky straps. I love these gloves so much that I've incorporated them into two dress up costumes this year! Hehe. So naturally, when I opened up the page that had these precious gloves below on them, I almost fainted in delight. Almost. Look at these. What could be better? They are fingerless. They are made of leather. They have studs. They have hole-detailing. They have straps. They come in amazing colours - 80s pink and mint green. THEY MUST BE MINE! I may have tried them on today. I may be buying the mint green ones next pay. Gosh they're hot.

Other amazing items to note in the catalogue included these cool Ribbed Thigh High Bed Socks (which look so amazing with boots), and the Soft Stripe Pj Pant with Attached Knit Leg Warmer (genius!). Seriously, check out the catalogue online, it's amazing.

Image Source (for all): www.peteralexander.com.au


Damn that mailman, now I want every item in this catalogue! Hmm, dreams are free...and soon the gloves will be mine!

Enjoy all!

xxx L

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